Samsung Galaxy View Tablet To Deliver 18-Inch Plus Display

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With Apple apparently primed to release an iPad Pro in the near future, Samsung is also making preparations for its somewhat left-field tablet, the Galaxy View. After officially revealing the Galaxy Gear S2, the company also teased this new tablet, which will be expected to compete with the dominant Apple iPad range.

Details are rather sketchy about this tablet at the time of writing, as Samsung has kept information released about the Galaxy View down to a bare minimum. But one of the things that we do know about the Galaxy View is that it features a kickstand that’s either built-in or added by a case, in common with the Surface Pro produced by Microsoft.

Galaxy View specs imminent

Aside from this, Samsung has ensured that the Galaxy View remains a covert project for the time being. The Korean consumer electronics giant merely offered a hint that consumers should think bigger with this project, and to consider the Galaxy View to deliver a new dimension of entertainment. But it did suggest that more data on the Galaxy View tablet will be released next month, at which point full specs for the device could possibly be made available.

So at present any information that has seeped out about the Galaxy View is very much based on leaks and speculation. The existence of this tablet wasn’t even confirmed until relatively recently, and it has remained surprisingly unexplored by the consumer electronics rumor mill. However, a few weeks ago suggestions emerged for the first time that a Samsung tablet with a massive 18.4-inch screen would be delivered in the coming months.

Initially this seemed like a fanciful notion, as no-one has attempted to deliver a tablet of this size as of yet. The whole ethos of tablet computing has always been about delivering small and convenient devices, possibly for occasional users of computing and other casual consumers. But with the tablet marketplace heading south rapidly, there is a need for the market leaders to innovate in order to increase sales of devices. And this has led to a notion that is often prevalent in technology circles; produce a bigger screen and people will come flooding back.

18.4-inch display

So the Galaxy View is believed to have an extremely large 18.4-inch screen as its centerpiece. According to early rumors on the tablet, the Galaxy View will only feature full HD, and not embrace either quad or 4K resolution. This is perhaps slightly surprising, as a full HD display resolution combined with a screen in excess of 18-inches will not deliver a particularly impressive pixel density.

Additionally, rumors suggest that the new tablet will not utilize Samsung’s proprietary AMOLED technology. But the Exynos processor that has been popularized in recent Samsung releases will be present in the Galaxy View, along with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. It is notable that there will be a whopping 5,700 mAh battery included in the Galaxy View according to early rumors, which suggests that this may be a device aimed at those who wish to browse the Internet for lengthy sessions with a convenient tablet machine. Certainly a full HD resolution combined with a battery of this size suggests a pretty impressive battery life, particularly when one considers the power saving functionality included in the most recent versions of Android.

Galaxy View to be niche tablet

This is unquestionably a niche product, so it will be interesting to see where Samsung positions it within the marketplace. The iPad Pro is definitively aimed at a business audience, but based on the specifications associated with this tablet it would seem that this would be an extremely unlikely target market for the Galaxy View.

It is also unusual to conceive of any tablet with a screen in excess of 18 inches. Typically, tablets have been around half this size, and the notion of an 18-inch tablet does rather conjure up an unwieldy image. This seems to be a departure from the entire ethos of what a tablet computer is meant to represent, so it will be interesting to see how Samsung chooses to promote this Galaxy View device to the public. The relatively low specifications indicated in early reports on the tablet suggests that this will be a mass market device, so Samsung’s marketing will be absolutely critical to the success of the Galaxy View tablet.

With Samsung having conceded just last year that it has made mistakes with its range of hardware, the pressure on the Korean electronics giant to resurrect its reputation and market share is considerable. Thus, the last thing the hierarchy of the corporation will want to produce is a red herring, yet it is not entirely clear at the time of writing what purpose the Galaxy View will serve. This may become more obvious in the coming weeks and months, as Samsung reveals more information about this forthcoming tablet.

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