Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Concept Images Emerge

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As Samsung continues to prepare for the release of the Galaxy S7, it is largely expected that the corporation will produce a Galaxy S7 Edge this time round. It is believed that Samsung is placing a greater emphasis on the curved screen variants of its mobile devices in the foreseeable future. And leaked documents from close to the Samsung supply chain have already suggested that the Korean manufacturer will crank up the production of these curved screen smartphones in 2016.

With this in mind, many Android fans are already looking forward to the release of the Galaxy S7 Edge, and some recently released concept images give a taste of what to expect. The team at 3DFuture has based its impression of the Galaxy S7 Edge on design patents already applied for by Samsung, and the curved screen device produced by the designers is certainly a striking one.

Galaxy S7 Edge – Wraparound display

Perhaps the most notable aspect of this concept is the display that wraps around at the top and bottom of the device instead of the sides as has been the case previously. This is an interesting concept, and one that Samsung may seriously implement when one considers that the company has already patented such technology.

From the perspective of ergonomics, this certainly makes sense for the Galaxy S7 Edge. Having the display feature on the top of the device would make it far easier for users to interact with the smartphone, although the proof will be in the pudding from a practical perspective. Whether this is something that Samsung will seriously implement in the next generation Galaxy S7 Edge remains to be seen, but it certainly seems to be something that the corporation is considering based on previous patent applications.

Another interesting aspect of the concept is that the positioning of the screen would enable Samsung to place volume and other buttons on the side of the device. This would make access considerably more convenient, although this approach is not conspicuous in the concept images produced. The 3DFuture pictures suggest that the top and bottom of the Galaxy S7 Edge may be free of any buttons at all, and this taps into an increasing fashion for button-free smartphones.

Competing with Apple’s 3D Touch

With Apple having released 3D Touch in the last generation of the iPhone, it is thought that Apple may completely eliminate the Home button in the next generation iPhone 7. Already there are rumors that Samsung is signing up a similar technology for its Galaxy range in the foreseeable future, and this could see the number of buttons featured externally in the Galaxy S7 Edge reduced.

It can be asserted that by the time that the Galaxy S7 Edge is released that it will be very much a mainstream device. Documents already indicate that Samsung is intending to seriously increase the number of curved screen devices it produces in the next Galaxy S series generation, and this could see the Galaxy S7 Edge outselling the flatscreen variant of the smartphone.

There have been rumors in recent weeks that Apple might produce its first curved screen variant of the iPhone when the iPhone 7 is released, and this would be very much following on from the popularity of this technology in the Galaxy series. Certainly Samsung can consider itself to be a pioneer in this department, and the popularity of the curved screen in both Samsung smartphones and its range of high-end television sets have undoubtedly been hugely influential.

Another interesting aspect of the concept design produced by the 3DFuture studio are the corners of the smartphone, which are trapezoidal in shape. This creates a striking visage for the handset, albeit one that has not been received favorably by all those who have viewed it thus far.

All-metal approach

The designers at 3DFuture also seemingly believe that the iPhone series will switch to a metallic approach with the next generation smartphone, as the concept images feature an all-metal chassis. Samsung has accepted in recent Galaxy releases the need to depart from the plasticky feel of its old generation devices, and the Galaxy S7 Edge may indeed develop this concept further still.

Any concrete spec information is pretty thin on the ground at the moment, but it is predicted that the Galaxy S7 Edge will come complete with a 5.8-inch display. There is still a debate as to whether the Galaxy S7 Edge will embrace 4K resolution, or instead stick to Ultra HD. The latter would put it in line with the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium.

Under the hood, the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset is reported to power the phone, although there are also rumors that Samsung will continue to utilize its own proprietary Exynos technology in the East Asian marketplace.

With a nifty processor backed by 4 GB of RAM, the Galaxy S7 Edge is expected to be a powerful performer, and one that should be very attractive based on these concept images.

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