Samsung Galaxy S6: What We Know

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Picture of flagship Samsung smartphone is building up

With the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona just a couple of weeks away, rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S6 are hotting up. The latest flagship smartphone from the Korean manufacturer will be one of the highlights of this prestigious event, and with anticipation building the number of leaks regarding this device is increasing exponentially.

This will be a particularly critical smartphone release for Samsung, as not only is the Galaxy S series considered very much its flagship smartphone – and a theoretical iPhone competitor – but the Galaxy S5 was also not particularly well received. The general consensus regarding that particular Samsung handset was that it was fairly unattractive in appearance, and represented little more than a spec upgrade from the preceding Galaxy S4.

So Samsung will be required to pull out all the stops when the Galaxy S6 is released, and there is already a significant amount of indication regarding what we can expect from this smartphone. This is all seeping into the public domain ahead of a Samsung press conference which it has scheduled for March 1.

Galaxy S6 wireless charging

One of the biggest rumours related to the Galaxy S6 is that it will feature wireless charging. This is something that smartphone fans in general, and Samsung devotees in particular, have wanted for sometime. Samsung has placed itself above the Apple iPhone series in this regard by delivering devices which have superior battery life, and a Galaxy S6 which is also able to charge wirelessly would certainly be an attractive proposition.

Although Samsung hasn’t confirmed that this feature will be part of the Galaxy S6, and indeed won’t until March, it has recently dropped a pretty broad hint that this will be the case. The unlikely named Seho Park, Samsung’s principal engineer, has recently made a blog post which has led many Samsung fans to believe that wireless charging will certainly be included in the portfolio of Galaxy S6 features.

Park suggested that Samsung is intending to accelerate the process of “democratizing this wireless charging technology” and that this will enable Samsung users to “enter a new wireless world”. This has led to speculation the new Galaxy S6 could include multiple wireless charging standards.

Such murmurings are consistent with the chip that Samsung released last year which supports wireless smartphone charging. It seems inevitable that Samsung will utilize wireless charging sooner rather than later, and all the indications are at this point in time that it could be the Galaxy S6 that is the first smartphone to benefit from this technology.

Galaxy S6 Battery

Wireless charging obviously relates very strongly to the Galaxy S6 battery, which as mentioned previously has been applauded in previous iterations of Samsung devices. Leaks in this area suggest that the Galaxy S6 battery will be upgraded from the 2800mAh battery on the Galaxy S5. it has been implied by leaked photographs that the model number of the battery units will be EB-BG925ABE, and this is very much in line with the expected SM-925 internal designation.

Galaxy S6 to be slimmer

Another piece of breaking news related to the Galaxy S6 is that it will be significantly slimmer than its predecessor. This certainly doesn’t come as a massive surprise, as every major mobile manufacturer attempts to create devices that are seemingly as thin as possible. According to rumors, the Galaxy S6 will be under 7mm thick, actually literally 6.99mm. This is significantly slimmer than the predecessor in the series, with the Galaxy S5 having measured 8.1mm in depth. According to the latest reports by GSM Arena, Galaxy S6 will measure 143.3 x 70.8 x 6.9mm.

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge release dates leaked

Of course, although the Galaxy S6 is to be unveiled in Barcelona, it won’t be released for some weeks afterwards. But Phone Arena believes that it has a very strong indication of when the Galaxy S6 will hit the stores, having intercepted what it claims to be a confidential internal document.

The document in question informs staff at Samsung that they will not be permitted to take any annual leave between 22 March and 30 March, and then again on from 19 April to 27 April. This very strongly suggests that the Galaxy S6 will be on sale before the end of March, with the communication apparently aimed particularly at those working in marketing and sales.

It would also be a logical conclusion to draw that the two periods of time indicate that the hotly tipped Galaxy S6 Edge device will release one month after the standard version of the Galaxy S6 in April. A long shot is that the April dates could witness the release of a brand-new Galaxy Note tablet, or perhaps even another product line that few analysts have considered.

Galaxy S6 camera specs

One of the major fronts on which the smartphone battle is waged between Samsung, Apple and other major companies is in the camera department. With this in mind, Samsung is expected to upgrade the capabilities of the already excellent snapper included in the Galaxy S5.

And SamMobile believes that it has acquired a prototype version of the Galaxy S6’s camera unit, which confirms many analysts’ suspicions about the device. It looks as if the Galaxy S6 will feature the 20-megapixel main camera which has been predicted previously, along with a 5-megapixel front camera. This would mean that the Galaxy S6 delivers outstanding photograph taking capabilities, and also has the ideal lens to take selfies included as well.

There are also murmurings indicating that the Galaxy S6 camera will utilize the APIs that arrived with Android Lollipop, and offer a professional mode within its camera application. Users will have the opportunity to choose between three separate focus modes, one of which will be a manual focus similar to third-party apps.

There is much information is still to be revealed about the Galaxy S6, but Samsung certainly looks to have a nifty device on his hands.

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