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Samsung Galaxy S6 Teaser Video Released

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Samsung-authored video suggests metallic and glass-constructed handset

It’s just over a week until the Samsung Galaxy S6 will finally rear its head, and now a new teaser video has hit the public domain. This is the first solid video which has emanated from Samsung itself, and as such it has got fans of the Android-based platform chattering expectantly.

The most notable aspect of this video is a prominent pain of glass which features in the expertly shot promotion. Clearly Samsung has strongly emphasized the appearance of the device during the design stages of the Galaxy S6, and this really shines through in this teaser video.

Galaxy S6 change needed

There was evident pressure on the Korean manufacturer to achieve this, as the Galaxy S5 was not particularly renowned in this department. Unquestionably, Samsung has always delivered mobile devices which provide excellent bang for your buck, and the Galaxy S5 was certainly competitive in pure specification terms.

But many people felt that the plasticky appearance and build of the device was a real turn-off. The Galaxy S5 suffered in comparison to the ever-gleaming iPhone 6 in this regard, and with Samsung rightly citing Apple as its number one rival, clearly the situation with the Galaxy S6 needed to change.

Aside from the glass panelling on the device itself, the substance also features heavily in the highly-stylized video. A voiceover which narrates the presentation suggests that the next Galaxy S handset will be crafted by “the things we see around us”. And as this assertion is made, we see the video panning from a glass wall, to a metallic shelf, and then to someone mysterious fluctuating squares which are constructed from an undecipherable material.

Galaxy S6 abandoning plastic

This is all very strange and cryptic, but there is a clear indication that the Galaxy S6 will be moving away from the plasticky feel of previous devices. It seems an entirely sensible move by Samsung to emphasise this in the video, and does give an indication that the Korean electronics giant has actually listened to criticism of the previous model in the series.

Aside from the glass panelling which becomes immediately apparent, the tone of the video is very much one intended to heighten anticipation. If one is seeking some concrete information about the forthcoming Galaxy S6, this video released by Samsung is definitely not the place to go. Samsung has produced a teaser which is absolutely a teaser in the truest sense of the word.

It had been suggested for some time that the Galaxy S6 would be constructed around a metallic frame, although earlier reports had suggested an all-metal design. But considering that Samsung has also dropped strong hints that wireless charging will be part of this flagship device, the notion of an all-metallic Galaxy S6 appears to have been completely blown out of the water.

It will be impossible for technical reasons to deliver wireless charging in an all-metallic device, so this will focus the Samsung design team on producing a primarily metallic visage which also features a modicum of plastic in order to enable wireless charging to continue unimpeded.

Previous Galaxy S6 video teasers have highlighted the phone’s camera and general performance. Leaks over the last week have suggested that the Galaxy S6 will feature a 20-megapixel camera, and that some of the functionality included will make it of professional quality. Meanwhile, a significant spec upgrade is predicted for this device, and the resolution of the Super AMOLED Galaxy S6 screen should be quad HD at the very least.

Galaxy S6 concept emerges

Meanwhile, although this rather enigmatic video is the only concrete clue as to the appearance of the Galaxy S6 from Samsung, designers have been inspired by this forthcoming device. Over the last week, Ivo Maric and Jermaine Smit, have produced a striking concept video which sums up all of the publicly available information on the Galaxy S6, and filled in the gaps with some educated guesses.

The 6.9mm thin profile which it is believed will be based on a surrounding metal frame and glass back will make this an extremely attractive looking device. Maric and Smit predict that there will be a slightly unsightly lump where the camera lens is fitted, but this is regrettably unavoidable given the slimness of the device.

Although we don’t have too much longer to wait to see the actual Galaxy S6, this is probably as good an impression of the device as it is possible to garner at the moment. The artists have a clearly followed Samsung designers’ language very closely, and several leaks are now in the public domain which can be considered absolutely concrete. The artist impression will probably turn out to be very close to the finished article.

In the meantime, Samsung continues to ready itself for the unveiling of this critical smartphone release, which will take place on March 1 in Barcelona.

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