Samsung Galaxy S6 Initial Sales In S. Korea Below Estimates

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The new smartphones of Samsung Electronics, the Galaxy S6 and S Edge seemed under-performing in its home country. It was reported that the South Korean electronics giant shipped 200,000 units during the first ten days of its availability in the market.

Samsung expected to sell 300,000 units of Galaxy S6 and S Edge during the first ten days of in South Korea based on pre-order numbers.

South Korean wireless carriers offer modest subsidies

The telecommunications regulator in South Korea prohibited wireless carriers from paying subsidies higher than the maximum amount required by law as part of its initiative to improve transparency, according to Yonhap News.

South Korean wireless carriers were compelled to offer modest subsidies of 210,000 won, which was lower than the 330,000 won legal limit. This is probably one of the reasons behind the lower-than-expected initial sales performance of the Galaxy S6 and Edge 6 in the country.

Some technology observers commented that Samsung’s initial sales performance for the new devices in its homeland was okay even if the early estimate appeared inaccurate. Take note that the South Korean market is already flooded with different smartphones. In addition, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge continue to receive positive responses from consumers and technology enthusiasts.

Samsung Galaxy S6 demand higher than expected

One of the executives of the Samsung recently said, “The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are drawing positive responses. I have no doubt that they will be the biggest-sellers in the Galaxy series ever.” He even estimated that the company could sell more than 70 million units this year, which was higher than the 50 million units estimated by Wall Street analysts.

The Galaxy S6 and S Edge are now available in 20 countries. Samsung received 20 million pre-orders for the devices from telecommunication companies worldwide weeks prior to its official launching in stores.

Galaxy S6 Edge near-term supply shortage

Samsung did not reveal its sales performance during the opening
weekend but revealed that it was experiencing near-term supply shortage for the Galaxy S Edge.

Samsung Mobile Chief JK Shin explained that the manufacturing process for Galaxy S Edge was more difficult because of its curved screen, which was the main reason for the supply shortage. According to him, the company is doing everything to provide enough supplies for its global consumers.

Meanwhile,Samsung decided to sell the Galaxy S6 and S Edge in Japan without its corporate logo. The devices will carry the logos of wireless carriers, and will be presented as Docomo Galaxy and KDDI au Galaxy.

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