Samsung Galaxy S5 Is A Small Upgrade From Galaxy S4

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 is now available for purchase. The new flagship phone features 5.1 FHD Super AMOLED Display, LTE capabilities, 16 MP rear camera, 2.0 MP front camera, 2GB RAM, and Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat operating system.

Not everyone is a fan of the new Galaxy S5

Despite the fresh new features on this model, not everyone is happy with the recent upgrade. The phone has many new features, some of which are worthwhile and others which are not that useful. The Galaxy S5’s most significant features include a fingerprint sensor, water resistant design, heartbeat sensor, and health tracking tools.

CNN Money elaborates more on the problems with the new features:

“The fingerprint and heartbeat scanners don’t work as well as they should. The fingerprint sensor adds an optional level of security to the phone and certain files, and it could eventually be used for payments. Unfortunately, it’s tricky to master and requires clumsily moving your finger or thumb over the home button. The heartbeat sensor also needs improvement. To use it you press and hold a finger on the back of the phone. It gave me an accurate reading every time but was repeatedly unable to detect any cardiac activity in my partner, who I now worry is one of the undead.”

Some of the better Galaxy S5 features

The water-resistant feature is one of the better features. Oftentimes, smartphones are accidentally dropped in water or subjected to water spills. Those who use their phones during exercise also sweat on the phones. The water resistant design on the Galaxy S5 is a definite win. Another big win for the new Samsung phone is the cut-back on preloaded apps which slow down the phone. Instead, Samsung created a Galaxy Essentials list of apps that users can cherry pick from.

Perhaps the most important thing to consider in regard to the Galaxy S5 is the core features such as camera, battery, and speed. As expected, the camera is an improvement from the last version with more pixels in the same-sized sensor and new features. The battery and overall speed are also good.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a nice phone but a minimal upgrade.

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