Samsung Galaxy S5 To Release At MWC 2014 [REPORT]

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Samsung may unveil the highly-anticipated Galaxy S5 smartphone at next year’s Mobile World Congress event, which will be held from February 24th to 27th. Initially it was reported that Samsung would unveil the phone in March. This prediction mirrors this year’s unveiling of the Galaxy S4 phone, which was in March. Samsung doesn’t generally release their phones on a time schedule; just last year, the Galaxy S3 was introduced in early May and released in late May.

Samsung Galaxy S5 To Release At MWC 2014 [REPORT]

Galaxy S5 features

Recent reports indicate that the upcoming Galaxy S5 will feature a 64-bit processor, which is the same processor Apple’s iPhone 5S has. It’s also expected to have an Android 4.4 Kit Kat operating system and the new IGZO screen technology.

There are also reports that Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (LON:BC94) (KRX:005930) may change the name of their smartphone from Galaxy S to Galaxy F.

What we can expect the Galaxy S5 not to feature is the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. According to one unnamed Samsung executive, “We never officially admitted that Samsung was weighing the fingerprint system and Knox for Galaxy Note 3 for security functions. We are not yet developing the technology.”

Galaxy S5 may feature biometric technology

There were rumors that the next Galaxy S5 smartphone may feature biometric technology from Crucialtec, a Korean-based company that’s behind the 64-bit processor found on laptop computers. added, “The iPhone 5S TouchID fingerprint scanner built into the home button was a big innovation for Apple, putting it ahead of many of its competitors in the smartphone market. The Samsung Galaxy S Note 3 reportedly does not have a fingerprint scanner and the latest official Samsung Galaxy S5 news claims Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (LON:BC94) (KRX:005930) will also take a pass on the feature in its Samsung Galaxy S lineup, according to The Inquisitr.”

Galaxy S4 is one of the leading smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the leading smartphones on the market. Although the phone left many disappointed with the fact it was essentially a redux of the S3, there’s a lot of anticipation for the next generation.

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