Samsung Galaxy S5 Teardown Reveals Hard-To-Repair Components

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (LON:BC94) (KRX:005930)’s recently-announced flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, has still some more days to go before hitting the retail market, but now even before its release, we have our hands on the teardown of this smartphone by a Russian blog known as Ferra. These days it seems to be the norm to come across so many rumors, leaks, concepts and teardowns prior to the phone’s retail debut. So if you’re excited to know what lies under the hood of the Samsung Galaxy S5, then you shouldn’t miss this teardown.

Taking apart the Galaxy S5

When the Galaxy S5 was announced at the Mobile World Congress last month, there was very little left to reveal, as everything was previously leaked. The device definitely packs a punch, something that high-end Android smartphones usually comes with. It is powered by an improved quad-core Snapdragon processor, heart rate monitor and a fingerprint sensor.

Taking apart the Galaxy S5 is a hard task, just like the majority of smartphones these days. Since this is a water resistant phone, it’s that much harder to take it apart. The inner components too are very tightly packed.

All thanks to the ample amount of the glue which is used to keep the display in place, it took Ferra an hour to remove the screen from the phone. In fact, the phone had to be heated at 150C so that the glue will melt and the screen can be removed. For sure, this process is not for those who doesn’t have the required tools and experience to do this.

Just like majority of the latest smartphones, the Galaxy S5 too will be hard to repair. We won’t be surprised if the folks over at iFixit give the Galaxy S5 a repairability score of 1 or 2. Hopefully, we’ll be able to look at their teardown in the coming days, along with their repairability score which many are eagerly waiting for.

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