Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs [RUMOR]

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) unveiled the iPhone 5S earlier this week, and now all eyes are on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5. Even though we still have nearly a year to go before the next phone is unveiled, we know the phone maker will take a cue from Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL), adding a 64-bit chip to their smartphones. This was confirmed by JK Shin, the Samsung executive who confirmed this to Korea Times. He added that it might not be a part of a phone in the immediate future, but the next phones will have 64-bit processing capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs [RUMOR]

Samsung Galaxy S5 features

The Galaxy S5 is also rumored to feature an aluminum body and a 16-megapixel camera. There is a lot riding on Samsung’s shoulders as their current Galaxy S4 model was nothing more than a redux of the Galaxy S3. Fans and investors want more from Samsung. If the the South Korean tech giant wants to stay relevant in the ever-changing market, they must revamp their next generation smartphone.

Galaxy S5’s flexible design

While it’s much too early for leaks and images of the Galaxy S5 to surface, it’s not too early to dream up concept designs. A recent concept design shows a flexible display and folding design. Unfortunately, most tech consumers aren’t too thrilled with this purported idea. Product-Reviews explained why this would be a bad idea, saying, “It should be noted that some people reacted to the design with distaste, although this is due to not wanting to see “a line down the middle of the phone screen”. This assumption would be wrong thanks to flexible technology that is already possible and would be needed for this Samsung Galaxy S5 concept. Others are more practical with their thoughts on the folding idea. While it would be great to offer a phablet-sized phone that fits in small pockets, some people think a folding phone is ‘just asking to be broken’ and they would rather have something more solid.”

A concept idea is just that, an idea. Hopefully, Samsung has something better in mind in terms of design for their next phone.

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