Samsung Galaxy Note II Sales Top 5 Million

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Today, in a translated news release, Samsung Electronics has announced that it has shipped more than 5 million units of its Galaxy Note II  to third- party retailers in just three months.

Galaxy Note II is Samsung’s flagship device, which was released back in August, with a 5.5 inch touch screen accompanied with a more advanced S Pen stylus and enhanced specifications that include 1.66 GHx processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 3100 mAH battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note II Sales Top 5 Million

Piling over 2 million so far in November, this sequel to Galaxy Note, first released in 2011, had reached a total of 3 million units in its first week of sales soon after its launching in September.

With a comparatively larger screen and faster processing speed, Samsung Galaxy Note II seems like a major improvement over the original.

Nicolas Gaudois, analyst at an Investment bank UBS, states : “The Galaxy Note 2 has shipped 3 million units in its first five weeks of sales, with sell-through strong in Asia and Europe, and the U.S. gathering pace post-launch,” He believes that with such a huge shipment in just three months, Samsung is well on its way to out sell a record number of smart devices in its 4th quarter of the year. “We hence forecast 7 million Galaxy Note 2 [shipments], compared to our initial expectation of 5 million for the fourth quarter.” said Gaudois.

Touching a benchmark in global sales by shipping more than 5 million devices in three months, Samsung has made this device available for sale in Africa, Europe, Latin America, and North America. In the US, its prime retailers are AT&T, Sprint, and T-mobile USA. Per unit pricing, however, varies by carrier and ranges between $299 and $369 with a new contract.

No detailed information has, however, been shared by Samsung that could reveal the actual sale of Galaxy Note II in individual countries.

UBS indicates that Samsung anticipates to create a new company record by selling more than 60 million smartphones during the fourth quarter of year 2012. Samsung predicts a sale of 20 million brought by Galaxy Note II, which, if it happens exactly how Samsung sees it, will outdo Galaxy Note’s record of 10 million units sold in 9 months.

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