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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Confirmed For Next Month

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Many Android fans in particular are eagerly awaiting the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date, and we may have just gained a critical insight into this issue. It is believed by Taiwan’s ePrice that the Galaxy Note 8 may be announced at the end of August, ahead of a likely September release date.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date surprise

It may be considered slightly surprising that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release is set to appear in September, as this could put the device directly up against the Apple iPhone 8. This is something that Samsung has attempted to avoid in previous years, owing to the overwhelming popularity of the iconic handset.

However, it is possible that the OLED iPhone 8 will release later in the year than September, although this is still very much up in the air. Different sources have made differing assertions in this region, but there has nonetheless been a strong undercurrent of suggestion that the Apple handset may emerge in a different release window this year.

It is even possible that the Korean manufacturer may already have absorbed word of this from some of its inside sources, thus explaining the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date. Or Samsung could instead be emboldened by the recent excellent performance of these devices, which has seen it nudge ahead of Apple in sales once more.

But ePrice perhaps surprisingly suggests that despite the unveiling towards the end of August, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date will be before the end of the same month. This makes sense on one level, but it is somewhat surprising that the unveiling and release of this device is to be so closely located.

Koh cited

ePrice cites Samsung’s mobile division chief Dongijin Koh, who has supposedly confirmed, albeit off the record, that the Galaxy Note 8 will appear before the end of August. Whether or not this can be considered accurate is debatable, particularly as an explicit launch date has yet to be confirmed, and there has been no official word on this from Samsung itself.

Nonetheless, ePrice also suggests that Koh indicated that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release will be targeted at a small wave of countries initially. Other territories will only receive the flagship phablet in October, according to ePrice’s report. The specific countries involved in the first tranche of releases have yet to be confirmed, but certainly major markets such as the United States, China and Korea will be among those nations.

Previous rumors had suggested that the Note 8 may emerge at the IFA event in Berlin, but this latest whisper implies that this is wide of the mark. New York has been named as a possible location for the unveiling event, with some publications floating August 26 as a likely date. It should be set in mitigation that Samsung has categorically not mentioned any such information as of yet, and the August 26 date should certainly be taken with a liberal sprinkling of salt.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release will undoubtedly be one of the most significant events in the history of the Korean electronics giant. The Galaxy Note range is always a significant series for Samsung, but it takes on extra importance this year owing to the fiasco that was the Galaxy Note 7. This previous phablet contender exploded on a regular basis, undoubtedly damaging both the brand and Samsung as a company.

Galaxy Note 8 specs

There has been some debate regarding precisely what Samsung will include in this next generation smartphone. Some analysts have suggested that the Korean corporation will err on the side of caution, considering that this phablet needs to be a durable device after the disaster of the Galaxy Note 7. Conversely, other market observers believe that Samsung will deliver something particularly outstanding with the Galaxy Note 8, in an attempt to reinvigorate what is undoubtedly a troubled brand currently.

This debate has particularly raged over the display to be included in the Galaxy Note 8, and particularly whether or not it will include 4K resolution. But the consensus of opinion is now leaning towards Samsung indeed embracing 4K resolution with the Galaxy Note 8.

Again, reports have been differing on the precise screen size of the Galaxy Note 8, with some sources indicating that it will be 6.3-inches, and others 6.4-inches. This is obviously an extremely negligible distinction, and it remains to be seen which direction Samsung will opt for with this phablet.

The combination of a larger screen size and 4K resolution will be particularly beneficial for virtual reality, and it is believed that Samsung will take particular advantage of this feature. With virtual reality becoming an increasingly mainstream technology, Samsung is strongly pushing its Gear VR system, and would love the Galaxy Note 8 to slickly collaborate with this headset.

After the wraparound screen of the Galaxy S8, it is thus predicted that the Galaxy Note 8 will strongly borrow from this design. This means a front panel almost completely dominated by the screen of the phablet. Curved elements will also be incorporated, while recent rumors have suggested that the bezels of the device will be even slimmer than the flagship Galaxy S8. This design feature was also prominent in the recent OnePlus 5 release.

Screen integration

It is also likely that certain functions will be integrated within the display of the device, with the fingerprint sensor and Home button top of the list. This will become an increasingly common aspect of smartphone technology in the foreseeable future, with the same functionality also linked with the forthcoming iPhone 8.

Legendary analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also indicated that there will be a particular emphasis on the camera functionality included in the Galaxy Note 8. this means a dual-lens unit is highly anticipated, with telephoto and wide-angle lenses delivering a 3x optical zoom system.

It is exciting to know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date is not far away, and an outstanding phablet device certainly seems to be imminent.

Source: SamMobile

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