Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch Date Set For Next Month In August

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Fresh on the heels of this week’s phone case leak, details of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch date appear to have hit the web. Korean website, The Bell, is reporting that Samsung plans to make the reveal of their new smartphone sometime in late August, with August 23rd being mentioned as a specific date. This announcement would mark a new chapter in the Galaxy Note line of devices after last year’s disastrous Galaxy Note 7 release.

The suspected announcement date is somewhat interesting. For the most part, Samsung has chosen to reveal their Galaxy Note devices at the IFA trade show in Berlin every September. Jumping ahead to August would be a marked change for the company. Perhaps they are looking for a totally fresh launch after the exploding Galaxy Note 7 fiasco that has dogged the company for almost a year. However, other analysts believe there may be more at play.

For weeks, rumors have been swirling about a possible iPhone 8 launch date delay. Many industry watchers are saying that a problem with the new Touch ID sensor location underneath the screen is threatening to push back the launch of Apple’s new smartphone. This would mean that the usual fall launch of the new iPhone could be pushed back as far as late-November or even into December. By announcing their smartphone in August and also announcing a confirmed Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch date, Samsung could give their newest hardware as much as two months or more to obtain market share before the iPhone 8 even hits store shelves.

The poor sales results of the Galaxy S8 may also be to blame for Samsung’s rumored early announcement. The company is still trying to rebuild the trust of consumers in the wake of the Galaxy Note 7 situation. It would not be surprising to see some consumers take a “wait-and-see” approach when the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch date does finally arrive. If Samsung can get the device into the hands of dedicated early adopters and prove their new hardware is safe and reliable before the launch of the iPhone 8 then some consumers who had waited may be ready to purchase during the busy holiday season.

There have also been rumors surrounding pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch and its competitor, the iPhone 8. Some analysts are expecting the Galaxy Note 8 to retail for around $900. This is in stark contrast to the iPhone 8 which has seen rumored pricing starting at $1,200. Launching a more affordable product as much as two months early would be a huge win for Samsung going into the holiday shopping season.

Of course, the biggest test of all will be whether or not Samsung is able to win back the hearts and minds of smartphone buyers. The company is swimming against the current and the Galaxy S8 sales numbers are a reflection of that. However, with that said, the Galaxy S8 has been very well-reviewed and there have been no major reports of any defects. The company needs a successful Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch to get back on track and begin moving forward from last year’s Note 7 release.

Now that Apple appears to be dealing with a range of issues of their own, Samsung probably senses that this is the perfect time to strike and get a leg up on their main competitor. There is a golden opportunity to beat Apple to market, come in at a lower price, and potentially offer more features than the iPhone 8. A delay in the launch of the iPhone 8 or the potential removal of Touch ID combined with the smooth, successful launch of the Galaxy Note 8 would go a long way in keeping Samsung near the top of smartphone manufacturers.

If the rumored announcement of August 23rd is true then we won’t have to wait long for Samsung to finally reveal their latest flagship smartphone. And, if the expected Samsung Galaxy Note 8 launch date is indeed in September, we also won’t have to wait very long to hold these units in our hands. That will be the true test for Samsung regardless of announcement date or launch date. If they can deliver a quality, reliable smartphone while also beating Apple to market; this could be a very successful fourth quarter for the company.

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