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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Feature Wishlist And Rumors

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While Samsung may not be shouting it from the rooftops, it’s become clear that the Note 7 debacle has not killed the Note. Instead, the Korean tech behemoth is said to be working on the Galaxy Note 8, a successor to the previously explosive and unfortunate device. For the most part, all we have to go on is rumor right now, but here’s our wishlist and what the rumors are saying.

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Galaxy Note 8: what we want to see

Like Apple with its 2017 iPhone 8, Samsung is in no position to be conservative. If the Note 8 is released, then it has to be a handset that compels consumers to buy it–a handset that has the design and features of a 21st-century flagship mobile device.

So what must it have to entice us? The answer to this obviously depends on how you envision the perfect handset, but we’ve suggested what we think most users want.

  1. It must not explode… an obvious good start, we think.
  2. Design must be eye-catching, but not too fragile. After all, this is a phone that will be used daily.
  3. A 4K display is a must. Users who want cheap VR can then take advantage of the screen quality with the Samsung Gear VR.
  4. RAM and internal storage have to be increased, with a minimum of 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage preferred. The option of expanding the amount of storage with a microSD card couldn’t hurt either.
  5. The latest Snapdragon or Exynos chipset, paired with the higher amount of RAM, will provide a very efficient device.
  6. Samsung must compete with Apple in the dual-lens camera market. A Galaxy Note 8 with superior camera features is required.

And there you have it; this is our minimum Galaxy Note 8 wishlist. However, there are lots of rumors suggesting so much more for this phablet.

AI assistant

Samsung is said to be working with some of the original creators of Apple’s Siri on a new AI assistant. For the moment, it has been given the name Bixby, and so far, it has been confirmed for the Galaxy S8 only.

Imagine being able to say, “Order me a pizza.” The actual command may not be that vague, but the revolutionary nature of this ability would change the world for Galaxy Note 8 users. And not only pizza, but it could help call a taxi, reserve a restaurant table, and even book tickets.

This AI assistant will reportedly combine conversational language with super-fast data searches to retrieve results and answers and also be able to integrate with third-party applications. There’s also the possibility that it will enable a user to dictate messages and respond to voice queries/commands.

Camera upgrade

Recently the folks at BGR (article via Yahoo) spotted a Samsung patent application which reveals that the company is working on a camera for the Galaxy Note 8 or another large device. Since this was discovered, rumors which suggest Samsung will replace the user interface of its camera have sprung up. The Korean company reportedly wants to incorporate new touchscreen gestures which would make zooming in and out easier.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Feature Wishlist And Rumors

S-Pen with a speaker

In September, The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a patent application by Samsung which shows an S-Pen which would include an integrated speaker, with the speaker grills at either side of the pen.

The patent describes the technology in the following manner: “The invention covers the main body that provides an accommodation space, a speaker module that outputs sound, and an accessory device configured to be accommodated in the housing space.”

This speaker could work in two ways. One would be that when the pen is inside the Galaxy Note 8, the sounds are transmitted through the handset. However, if the pen is removed, the sound would then be transmitted by the pen itself. Why this is needed is anyone’s guess.

Dual-lens camera

According to many rumors, the Galaxy Note 8 could be the recipient of a dual-lens camera setup. Obviously Samsung has said nothing, so the rumors are not based on fact. However, what the basic consensus on specs suggests is that it will have two rear 20MP sensors with abilities similar to those found on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Will Samsung give us the Galaxy Note 8? To be honest, we don’t know. But, it hasn’t said the phablet line is dead, so there is still hope. Should this handset actually see the light of day, it will likely offer much more than we could ever hope for. What would you put on your Galaxy Note 8 feature wishlist?

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