Samsung Galaxy Note 4 And Galaxy S6 – Latest Rumors

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Samsung has earmarked the next few months as being extremely important in its long-term goal of superseding Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) as the world’s biggest producer of mobile devices. With this in mind, both the release of the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy S6 will be extremely important for Samsung, with both the phablet-sized Note 4 and the S6 smartphone considered flagship devices in their particular niche by Samsung.

No release dates have been officially confirmed for either handset as of yet by Samsung, but analysts are expecting that the Galaxy Note 4 to hit the stores in September, while the Galaxy S6 will probably be unveiled early next year. With fans of the Galaxy range eagerly anticipating the release of both mobiles, there are a raft of rumors, leaks and other tidbits flying around, as well as some other information which we can confirm as being pretty solid.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

With the purported release date of the Galaxy Note 4 looming, the rumor mill is churning pretty rapidly with regard to this much anticipated phablet. This is going to be an absolutely key release for Samsung, particularly as it seems likely that it will face off directly against the Apple iPhone 6. Samsung has never put one of its devices up against an iPhone before, and they may yet think better of it, but what is likely is that the Galaxy Note 4 will be a direct competitor to the iPhone 6, given that it looks certain now that Apple will release a phablet-sized version of its next flagship smartphone.

Thus, there is plenty of information out there regarding what we can expect from the Galaxy Note 4. Firstly, Samsung is clearly trying to create a big impression with the appearance of the device, as reports have indicated that Galaxy Note 4 will be launched in Electric Blue and Copper Gold color variations along with the usual pitch black and white. This claim is being made by the popular tipster @evleaks, so it can be considered pretty solid.

Additionally, Samsung may release two version of the Galaxy Note 4, one with a curved screen and one with a flat screen, according to recent leaks. This would very much fit in with the direction Samsung is going in generally, with the company’s curved televisions having created a strong impression at recent trade shows.

In terms of the way the device will operate, the biggest rumor in recent weeks has been the suggestion that Samsung will be completely upgrading the processor in the Galaxy Note 4. The range of Snapdragon processors has been prevalent in the Galaxy series, and for that matter in many other popular smartphones. However, it has emerged recently that the brand new processor in the Galaxy Note 4 range could be an Exynos chip manufactured by Samsung itself. Other rumors suggest that there will be a second model of the Galaxy Note 4 which will run off a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805.

Other Galaxy Note 4 rumors point to a fingerprint sensor, and an IP67 certification that would provide dust and water resistance. 32GB of storage is thought to be a likely number associated with the Galaxy Note 4, while the device is also expected to sport an extremely impressive 5.7-inch QHD display, and a 12-megapixel camera with Optical Image Stabilization.

This will be a tough spec list to deliver, but one that certainly whets the appetite.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 And Galaxy S6 - Latest Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S6

In common with the iPhone, it’s not that long since Samsung released the Galaxy S5, so when the next iteration of this series hits the market, Samsung needs to demonstrate a significant improvement to encourage consumers to upgrade. The first big news about the Galaxy S6 is line with this notion is that Samsung is expected to arm the Galaxy S6 with a 64-bit processor.

Aside from the fact that Samsung is moving steadily towards putting curved screens in all of its major devices, another trends that they seem to be embracing is screen resolution that exceeds full HD. According to the latest reports, the S6 will sport at least a 1440 x 2650 Quad HD resolution display with 442ppi. Could the Galaxy S6 be the first mainstream 4K UHD smartphone? This might be a bridge too far, but it’s clear that Samsung intends to mark its devices out from competitors with image and screen quality.

There has been some debate among analysts regarding what other spec the Galaxy S6 will embrace. Reports have suggested that the Galaxy S6 will included 32 GB of internal memory and 256 GB worth of microSD storage, but some industry observers consider this unrealistic. What seems certain to assert is that Samsung will be really trying to blow people away with the release of the Galaxy S6.

The Galaxy S6 should hit the stores in March next year and retail at around $750.

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