Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 8 Things You Need To Hear

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is heading this way, and the out of this world phablet from the Korean company is attracting an incredible amount of attention, even before it’s been launched. There’s a lot of information out there about the phone at this stage, but it’s difficult to filter it all down into usefulness. Here’s the ten things you really want to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Online Samsung Galaxy Note 4 App leak

This forms the basis of most of the best stories about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 out there. A couple of days back @evleaks  released an applications list from the smartphone on Twitter. The leak contains a list of the software that’s going to be included in the Galaxy Note 4, showing off some of the likely hardware features.

Fingerprint Scanner

A package contained on the list called fingerprintservice.apk, as well as the presence of a fingerprint scanner on some other Samsung devices suggests that the Galaxy Note 4 will indeed feature the time-saving measure. Where the fingerprint reader will be located on the Samsung Galaxy Not 4 is anyone’s guess, but the fact that it will feature in the device will be welcome relief to those who hate working with the Android lock screen.

Health & Fitness Suite

Another file in the list of Galaxy Note 4 applications read SHealth3_5.apk. That means that a version of the company’s health monitoring software is almost certain to be included in the Galaxy Samsung Note 4. It appears that 2014 is the year of fitness, and tech companies are not fool enough to miss out on the trend. The Note 4 may have more than one feature to help monitor the health of its users.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Released Date

There has been no confirmation of the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but analysts reckon it will have to launch before the iPhone 6 if it is to have any chance in the market. Though the iPhone 6 phablet isn’t likely to arrive until next year, the regular version of the phone could take enough wind out of the sales of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to push the company to release before Apple has a chance. Looking out for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release sometime in August might be a good bet.

Aluminum Chassis

This has been repeated over and over again in relation to several different Samsung Galaxy phones. Unfortunately, it’s just not going to happen. Profits are already far too tight at Samsung, and the company simply cannot afford to make phones out of metal. Die-hard plastic haters will want to look elsewhere in order to get their hands on a new smartphone. Samsung just isn’t going to cross this line.

Note 4 pricing

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 isn’t going to do anything major on pricing, so those of you hoping for a cheap massive phone should probably give up. The device is, one way or another, going to cost about $299 with a contract, more than almost any other phone out there.

Great camera on the way

The apps list released on Twitter showed a number of camera related applications that may support the rumor of an amazing camera being included in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The device will, of course, sport two cameras, with rumors suggesting a 4 Megapixel will take its place on the front of the device and a whopping 16 Megapixel shooter setting itself on the back of the phone.

iPhone 6 launches in September

We’re pretty sure that the iPhone 6 is going to be released in the last week of September, judging by the latest Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) earnings report. Those of you not dead set on buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for their next smartphone might want to wait a little while, if only to see what Cupertino, and other competitors, have to offer this year.

The iPhone 6 isn’t the only phone worth considering. There’s likely to be a new Nexus from Google this year, as well as a new offering from HTC and many of the other big phone makers. Those with work to do should keep an eye on the Blackberry Passport, an oddity for certain, but one that’s been capturing the imaginations of many soon-to-be Passport owners.

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