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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Features: Android 4.3, 13MP Camera [REPORT]

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note has received a lot of criticism because of its bulky form but the model is still very popular because of its big screen, and of course because of its powerful tech specs. Now that Samsung is done with the Galaxy S4, the focus is now shifting to the Galaxy Note 3, Samsung’s next phablet device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Features: Android 4.3, 13MP Camera [REPORT]

Galaxy Note 3 is said to sport the same plastic design, and that’s because Samsung always uses plastic body even in its flagship phone – the Galaxy S4. HTC and Nokia on the other hand are using aluminum when designing their body (on some models), and Samsung still hasn’t learned anything from them. The company might in future present an aluminum body, but for now, it doesn’t seem to be happening with the Note 3.

Also it’s rumored that Note 3 will be running on Android 4.3, Google’s next version of mobile operating system. It was expected that Google would announce the OS at the I/O developer conference but that didn’t happen.

ETNews, citing “industry insiders,” says that the Note may feature a 13-megapixel camera with an anti-shake feature so that users can take high quality images without the age old problem of shaking. It further reports that Samsung’s team is developing technologies to bring OIS (optical image stabilization) and shutter features for the Note 3.

It is also rumored that Note 3 will have a slimmer body compared with its predecessors, but then we wonder how Samsung would be able to do this after stuffing powerful hardware in it. Who knows, Samsung might amaze us by bringing something new to take advantage of its big screen.

Like others, we’re waiting for Samsung to announce their next generation of phablet – the Galaxy Note III. We’ll keep you informed on any news we hear on this, stay tuned!

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