After Note 7 Fire Fiasco Samsung Galaxy J7 Starts Exploding Too

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UPDATE: ValueWalk has now spoken to Naureen Ahsan exclusively on the matter, and she kindly recounted precisely what occurred.

“This occurred on the second day of Eid, which was Tuesday 27th June 2017. My 4 year-old nephew was playing a game on the Samsung J7 mobile, then suddenly it became very hot. He immediately threw the mobile to the floor. When we examined the device further, the battery of mobile was burnt, while a cloud of smoke covered more or less the entire room. All of my children were pretty terrified,” Ahsan explained.

She went on to explain some further details that put the incident into perspective.

“It is important to note that at the time of incident the mobile was NOT charging, but in fact had 57% battery power left. Fortunately, my younger brother ran over, took control of the situation, and threw the burnt battery out of our house. Meanwhile, we checked the hands of my nephew, and thankfully he was safe and had suffered no significant injury, despite being scared. We were very shocked by the whole incident as Samsung is such a well-known brand, and we did not expect such a dramatic problem. This had never happened before with any J series model as far as we are aware”.

This incident will certainly be embarrassing for Samsung as it attempts to recover from the recall of the Galaxy Note 7.

PREVIOUSLY: If Samsung didn’t already have enough problems with the exploding Galaxy Note 7, a breaking news story on the Samsung Galaxy J7 will cause consternation at the Korean consumer electronics giant. A dramatic privately shared Facebook post has provided some telling images, indicating that the mid-range Samsung Mobile may be just as unstable as its phablet cousin.

Samsung Galaxy J7 – The exploding smartphone

ValueWalk received the images and story in question from a source within a Facebook group, after Naureen Ahsan, a Pakistani mother, shared images of an exploding Samsung Galaxy J7. And the photographs are certainly worrying. Ahsan naturally was unable to explain precisely why her daughter’s phone had exploded, but she did provide details of the spectacular course of events.

“Today my daughter’s mobile Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) blasted due to may be over heating or lagging due to games..we are unable to share this picture with samsung’s page. My 4 year nephew was playing ‘my talking tom’ game in it when it got over heated and had a blast. Allhumdulliah he is safe. And my daughter too…but this incident was terrifying for all of us,” Ahsan shared via Facebook.

The resident of Pakistan concluded her Facebook comment by urging others: “Keep your children away from mobiles and stay safe everyone :)”.

Second J handset explosion

This is the second time that a Galaxy J device has exploded and caught fire in recent months, with a second incident related to the Samsung J5 having been reported back in November 2016. At that time, Lamya Bouyirdane had told The Associated Press that her four year-old son had experienced smoke issuing forth from the Samsung smartphone.

“I panicked when I saw the smoke and I had the reflex to throw it away,” the mother of three from the southwestern French city of Pau commented.

Samsung embarrassment

This latest exploding Galaxy J7 incident will be extremely embarrassing for Samsung, after the mega-corporation was forced to recall the Galaxy Note 7 due to similar difficulties. Several media reports emanated of Galaxy Note 7 owners experiencing their devices overheating and exploding, and Samsung has been forced to instigate a special series of safety procedures in order to mitigate against this possibility in future releases.

Despite the damage done to the image of the company, Samsung’s recent sales figures have been pretty encouraging, indicating that the reputation of the Korean manufacturer had been successfully restored. But this latest report will be a blow to Samsung, particularly with the Galaxy Note 8 on the horizon. Additionally, any such problems with the rival iPhone range have been far less prominent.

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