Samsung Galaxy C10 will feature dual cameras before Note 8

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When it comes to smartphone rumors, never a day goes by where a new Samsung device is not mentioned. As such today we’re picking up where we left off on a previous Samsung Galaxy Note C10 report. The one where it, would be the first of the South Korean’s handsets to get a dual camera setup, not the Galaxy Note 8. Now, if you missed that report, you can take a look via the link above, however, if you want to find out what’s new, carry on reading.

Samsung Galaxy C10 Leak

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been covering the emergence of the Galaxy C10; however, each time we could not provide an image. Although now we can, and that’s thanks to the Chinese social media Site Weibo, you can see it above. As you can see, it shows the rumored dual camera setup along with a rather cute Rose Gold design. Now, as for why Samsung would choose to show off its dual camera tech on a mid-range handset?

The probable answer is, Samsung has a lot of dual camera components all of which were originally supposed to be on the Galaxy S8’s. However, certain problems during manufacturing meant, those plans were put on hold. As such, the company now wishes to make use of them, and the Samsung Galaxy C10 looks like the best bet to recoup the financial outlay. Additionally, using them in this mid-range handset would come in useful as a test bed, helping to iron out any problems which may occur. After all, if there’s one thing the company needs to get right in 2017, it’s a launch and problem free next gen Galaxy Note 8. If there are any problems this time around, Samsung could probably wave goodbye to its reputation and the Phablet line.

Dual Camera, Other Features and Specs

As for what the Samsung Galaxy C10 leak reveals, yes, there’s the rumored vertically aligned dual-lens, and Rose Color variant. But what else can we see? Well, it seems as thought the Antenna lines and the power button are located on the right side of the handset. Furthermore, the camera’s look to be supported by a dual-LED flash.

Disappointingly, though, the image does not provide a full view of the back of the handset. So, not much more can be gleaned from it, other than a fingerprint sensor is not present. Whether this means, that one will find its way onto the front of the Samsung Galaxy C10; we’re not sure. However, if one is, it could be embedded into the home button or display. Although, this technology is unlikely to appear because Samsung had problems incorporating it onto the front of the S8’s.

Regarding possible specifications, there’s really very little to go on. However, rumors are suggesting a 5.7-inch screen size, and a mid-range Qualcomm chipset, the Snapdragon 660, which features an Octa-Core CPU and Adreno 512 graphics processing unit. As for RAM, there is currently no detail on this, although for a mid-range chipset, with lower power requirements. We expect a maximum of 3GB to be included in the Samsung Galaxy C10.

As always, we will keep you updated when there is more to tell. In the meantime, come and share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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