Samsung Copies Apple, Unveils Galaxy S4 Gold

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Apple isn’t the only tech company that’s going for the gold—Samsung just introduced the Galaxy S4 gold smartphone. The new phones will feature gold plastic trim on the surface and pink or brown front glass.

Samsung Copies Apple, Unveils Galaxy S4 Gold

These phones were introduced via Samsung’s social feeds in the Middle East, which means it looks like these phones will be available exclusively in that market so far. The tech giant has yet to disclose pricing information or availability. It was just days ago that Apple launched their new generation of iPhones, including the gold iPhone 5S. It’s clear that Samsung wants to copy Apple’s move, but are taking the safe route by launching the phone in a select market.

Samsung Galaxy Gold S4

Although the Samsung Galaxy Gold S4 smartphone looks nice, it still can’t compare to Apple’s gold iPhone. For starters, the “gold trim” is really just colored plastic and that cheapens the entire phone. explained, “While the Samsung Galaxy S4 is still plastic as opposed to the metallic finish of the iPhone 5S, Apple opted for white in the accent pieces of their gold phone. Rather than follow suit, Samsung’s two models seem to make the entirety of the back and sides of the phone gold with the front face being either a deep chocolate brown or an almost pastel pink. The promotional shots include matching wallpapers that separate the phones from the bright and friendly wallpapers that were front and center with the original launch version of Samsung’s flagship.”

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a strong competitor

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a strong competitor in the smartphone market. It’s a great phone with an upscale design and unique features. It’s no iPhone, but it’s still a great device that makes a good alternative to Apple’s phone. Only time will tell if the Galaxy S4 Gold is successful in terms of sales and becomes available in other markets.




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