Rumored Apple Watch Series 3 Features: What We Know

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There wasn’t much talk about the Apple Watch Series 3 until recently when it was leaked that a major Apple Watch manufacturer was expecting increased profits to finish the year. Now, a lot of industry analysts are expecting the Apple watch to be ready for purchase around the same time as the iPhone 8. In fact, they may even be revealed at the same time. However, unlike the iPhone 8, we have not had a lot of leaks about the Apple Watch Series 3 features. There have been no firmware leaks like Apple’s HomePod blunder that confirmed major details about the iPhone 8. Still, there are a few things that analysts seem to agree on when it comes to the Apple Watch Series 3 features.

New Form Factor

Many industry watchers seem to agree that there will be a new Apple Watch design this fall. However, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of agreement on what the new form factor will actually look like. Some believe the Apple Watch Series 3 will simply be thinner than previous versions of the Apple Watch. Others think that Apple is going a whole new direction with the design. If I was a betting man, I would put my money on the “slimmer but similar” option. Many Apple Watch apps are designed to work with the square face and it would probably be a bit of a burden to have a completely different watch design show up in the third generation.

Cellular Connectivity

Adding cellular connectivity would be the most exciting of the new Apple Watch Series 3 features. A lot of analysts seem to agree that this is the logical next step for the Apple Watch. Right now, Apple Watches cannot send or receive information without being connected to an iPhone. With LTE connectivity, the Apple Watch Series 3 would be able to act as a standalone device for certain things like texting and calling. That should be welcome news for fitness freaks that like to go to the gym or go out for a run without carrying around their iPhone in their pocket. Leave the phone at home, make sure your watch is charged, and go! That seems to be the goal with the Apple Watch Series 3.

Modular Straps and Smart Bands

This rumor is far from a sure thing but it might be one of the most exciting Apple Watch Series 3 features. If Apple does offer the ability to personalize your Apple Watch with module straps or Smart Bands then that could change the Apple Watch entirely. Some believe that Apple is working on straps for the Apple Watch that could include additional features that appeal to certain users. For example, one Smart Band may be able to act as an additional battery for those that need some extra juice out of their Apple Watch. Other Smart Bands could contain different sensors that are more specific to certain usage patterns. This would allow the Apple Watch to offload some of the work it does to the straps connected to it. It would also allow Apple to make their smartwatch much thinner. You can only fit so many features into a small form factor before you run out of room. If Apple is looking at adding features like LTE connectivity while also making the Apple Watch thinner then you have to wonder how room is being made for all of the components.

Selfie Camera

The new Apple Watch may launch with a selfie camera for people who love taking selfies on the go. If cellular connectivity is introduced then it would make sense for the Apple Watch to include a small camera in order to take some photos in a pinch when a connected iPhone is not available. Also, how will you tell everyone on Facebook about your workout if you don’t have a selfie camera? It’s just one more of the rumored Apple Watch Series 3 features that suggests Apple wants to give users the ability to leave their iPhone behind in certain situations and trust that their Apple Watch can do everything they need.

With the rumored release of the Apple Watch Series 3 coming at the same time as the iPhone 8, we likely won’t have to wait long to see what Apple has in store. What do you think about the rumored Apple Watch Series 3 features? Exciting enough to get you into the smartwatch life or not?

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