Will Texas Help The US Become The Leading Oil Producer?

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Rep. Roger Williams, (R-Texas), on Democrats’ calls to abolish ICE, the Republican push for a phase two for tax reform, Comcast dropping its bid for 21st Century Fox entertainment assets, the state of the economic environment for business, Texas oil production and tariff concerns.

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Will Texas Help The US Become The Leading Oil Producer?


Joining me right now is Texas Congressman Roger Williams and Congressman it's good to see you. Thanks so much for joining us. Good morning. Thank you. You agree that this attempted push to abolish ice will actually hurt the Democrats in the midterms. Well I certainly can't help them for crying out loud. I mean if you can't support your ICE agents and your law enforcement agents who can you support. I mean we've got to secure our borders. We got to protect our sovereignty all that sort of thing. That vote they took yesterday was surprising because those that vote present are not representing their district. So I think I think it will hurt them come November. What why did they vote present. We know that the president basically means now will President means you're not even there. I mean as president but you're not there and you were elected to represent your district and you're not representing anyone you vote present. I think it's justified and how do you justify voting present. Well I never voted present so I don't know that I can justify it. It's a chicken way out is the only way to put it. So what was the point of that vote last night was that basically just shine a light on who supports ice and who doesn't.

Well I think it was it was a vote to to show the American people and show law enforcement and the and the ice folks that we do support them America is behind them and what they're doing and the vote of course of yesterday with the with the present votes and so forth was I think a kick in the teeth to them. So I'm glad we took the vote. It shows that we as concerned Republicans we support what they're doing and will continue to do so. It's really extraordinary to me that you have all of these issues on the Republican side. Taxes securing the borders foreign policy changes keeping our allies you know fair on trade and yet on the Democratic side. I don't understand what their message is other than I'm present other than unresisting President Trump. Well I think so. I mean they dislike this president so bad. I think they'd rather see America fail than him to get any credit for anything but he is getting credit. I mean I'm a business person for 47 years Main Street America is doing great. Unemployment is down. GDP is up. Our military is got to got a positive tone to them. So he's doing a lot of things and he's doing a lot of things that affect all the districts in America including those represented by Democrats. So House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady revealed some of the details of this plan of a next wave of tax cuts for Americans with the hopes of a vote by September. Chairman Brady said that he's working on further reducing the corporate tax rate possibly to 20 percent but that Phase 2 is really about American workers and small business owners and making those tax cuts for individuals permanent. Here's what he said on this program yesterday. We're able to you long term for individuals in our small businesses but not permanent. We want to go right back to there.

So it increases growth over time longrun about a million a half new jobs increases paychecks almost 1 percent increases growth again long term that's we think critical to growth in theU.S.

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