Ringly Is A Smart Ring That Connects To Your iPhone

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Every day, we’re seeing more and more new ‘smart’ gadgets that connect to our smartphones using Bluetooth LE. Here’s yet another such gadget, but this time, it can also double up as a fashion accessory. We’re talking about Ringly, a nifty smart ring that offers notifications, different color LED lights and various vibration patterns. The ring is also attractive, and is a perfect combination of form and functionality.

Ringly is a smart ring for iPhone and Android smartphones

Busy women sometimes place their smartphones in their purse and then forget to check their missed calls, text messages and other important notifications. Sometimes the ringtone cannot be heard because of too much noise in public places. Ringly is a good solution for this problem as it notifies users of calls, incoming messages, meetings and more.

As mentioned already, Ringly connects to your iPhone or Android smartphone via Bluetooth LE, and then using the companion app, you can customize its behavior to suit your needs. For example, you could configure the ring such that it can blink a red light with a missed call, a yellow light for emails, and more.

The ring can also alert you if you leave your phone behind, which is a very useful feature, as many times we forget to carry our smartphones when we go out. The ring’s battery lasts for three days on a full charge.


Ringly is not just stylish, but it is crafted with 18K matte gold and 3 micron plating using precious and semi-precious stones. In fact, the startup claims that the first 1,000 rings will have a real diamond on the side of the ring.

If you pre-order the ring now, then you can save 25% off on the retail price of $195. With pre-order discount, you can get Ringly for just $145. Check out the promotional video  Ringly here.

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