REvil ransomware: Hackers demand a whopping $260,000

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Security researchers, KPN, have sinkholed the REvil ransomware servers and intercepted communications between REvil-infected computers and the REvil ransomware’s command-and-control servers to gain unique insights into the operations of the REvil Ransomware as a Service. They discovered information on the number of active infections, the number of infected computers per attack and the sum of money that hackers requested from victims in each recent incident, which averages a whopping $260,000.

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Ekaterina Khrustaleva, COO of ImmuniWeb, comments regarding revil ransomware: 

“Ransomware attacks are becoming more sophisticated, organized and thus incredibly dangerous in terms of financial losses. Usage of cryptocurrencies make criminals virtually untraceable, spurring a rapid proliferation of ransomware ecosystem. With the recent rise of targeted campaigns, exposing encrypted data if the victim refuses to pay, organizations and companies across the globe should urgently re-consider the risks of ransomware.

Holistic visibility and inventory of digital assets is a wise starting point, as you cannot protect what you cannot see. Human factor (in cases like revil ransomware) is also a pivotal factor apt to undermine the integrity of technical efforts, so organizations need to consider investing into continuous cybersecurity trainings."

About Ekaterina Kurustaleva

Ekaterina Khrustaleva holds a Bachelor degree in Accounting and Finance. She has completed executive programs on cybersecurity at Harvard University, on blockchain at Oxford University and organizational leadership at IMD in Lausanne. Starting her career in private banking and family office industry in Geneva, Ekaterina was inspired by the emerging cybersecurity market and joined ImmuniWeb in 2010 as a sales executive. In 2013, after several promotions for performance and highly creative sales tactics, Ekaterina became Chief Operating Officer. Today, Ekaterina manages ImmuniWeb’s global operations and, thanks to speaking five languages, she is also in charge of global partnerships and strategic alliances at ImmuniWeb.

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