The reality of being a retailer in 2017

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Is your store scared of the impact digital is making? The reality is that there is no running away from digital as a physical retailer. As this infographic from the CUBE outlines It isn’t about online versus offline sales anymore and those lines are becoming increasing blurred. When you consider that 90% of retail shoppers use a digital device in-store, it’s important to meet your customers where they are – online.

Just because they’re on the internet, it doesn’t mean that they’re looking to purchase a product online, they could simply want to find out more information about a product you’re selling. 71% of customers are using digital devices before they even start shopping.

The best stores are now meeting customers half way. For example, Kohl’s offer deals and coupons on their app when people are near their store. They are keenly aware that people are constantly looking at and checking their phone and they have over 11 million people actively using their app.

However, there is a huge issue with how brands and retailers are aligned with 93% saying there is a lack of effective co-operation between them. Some brands are still failing to recognise the connection between the store and digital. It’s startling that only 23% of brands are using tools to measure the impact of digital on offline sales. Even when you compare 2013 vs. 2016, the influence of digital on offline sales has increased dramatically. It really is time for stores to sit up and take notice.

89.3% of shoppers will share location data for discounts. Using location data is such a great way to get customers to your store and it seems they are very open to sharing it. It’s important that you understand the journey of the modern consumer and you need to be connected with them every step of the way.



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