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Apple TV, iOS 8, iPhone 6, iWatch, iTV: Apple Possibilities For 2014

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There is no doubt that both the iPhone and the iPad will remain flagship devices for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) for some time to come. The iPhone 6 may be released in the next few months, although the complex and innovative nature that this device seems to have based on current reports would seem to indicate that we should expect this smartphone release later rather than sooner. But there is no doubt that when the next Apple smartphone does come out that it will create huge anticipation and sell like hot cakes.

Nonetheless, Apple is explicitly looking to move into new category areas and both release new products and update existing ones in 2014. Apple CEO Tim Cook made this clear during 2013 Q4. So what new Apple products could we possibly expect to see this year and early next? Here are some possibilities:

Apple TV

The digital media player Apple TV is expected to be updated in the next few months, although the short timeframe involves suggests this may be a considerably less ambitious device than the iPhone. With the last Apple TV release having been quite a while ago, this is long due an update, and we may see one as early as next month according to media reports.

MacBook Pro and Mac Mini

Apple TV, iOS 8, iPhone 6, iWatch, iTV: Apple Possibilities For 2014

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) will be holding its annual Worldwide Developers conference in June, where it is likely that it will choose to showcase a new hardware product. Traditionally this event has been used to announce some of Apple’s bigger hardware releases, and this year’s conference could see new MacBook Pro and Mac Mini devices unveiled to the general public. The latter hasn’t seen a new version for around eighteen months, while Apple has staked a significant amount of its reputation on the excellent line of laptops that it produces.

iOS 8

Apple TV, iOS 8, iPhone 6, iWatch, iTV: Apple Possibilities For 2014

In accordance with the big hardware releases that Apple is evidently working on, it is also expected that we will see the eighth generation operating system iOS 8 make an appearance at some point. This is particularly expected to have a big influence over the iPhone 6, with the smartphone tipped to feature iOS 8 when it is released.

iPhone 6

Apple TV, iOS 8, iPhone 6, iWatch, iTV: Apple Possibilities For 2014

And it seems likely that the iPhone 6 will launch around September. It had previously been mooted that the smartphone could launch as early as June, but given the ambitious plans that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) evidently has for it this now seems highly unlikely.


This brand new product has been tipped for quite some time, and with rivals Samsung having made strides in this department, Apple is likely to follow suit. To create a real street buzz, we could see an iWatch released around the same time as the iPhone 6.

Apple television set

Finally, speculation continues that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) could produce a television set at some point, particularly as the future of TV is often considered to be based around download services, and Apple already has the prolific iTunes in place. If there is to be an Apple television set, it would probably be released next year at the earliest.

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