OnePlus Introduces Referral Program Before OnePlus 5 Launch

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There have been several rumors about OnePlus this year, especially about the OnePlus 5, which is expected to come out next month. Though the exact release date of the OnePlus 5 is still not known, we now know that the Chinese company will have a referral program just before the launch of the smartphone.

New referral program ahead of the OnePlus 5 launch

The price of the OnePlus5, which will be the follow-up to the OnePlus 3T, is expected to be in line with OnePlus’ previous smartphone, but with the help of the new referral program, buyers can save some money. In a blog post, Steven G. from OnePlus announced the new “referral system” on the OnePlus Forums. Many believe this is how the Shenzhen-based company wants to get all potential buyers excited about the upcoming flagship device.

Under the program, anyone who has ever bought a OnePlus device in the past will get a unique referral link (a promo code). They can then give out this promo code to their friends and family or share it on social networks.

It must be noted that to be able to participate in the new referral program, users must have bought a smartphone from OnePlus directly.

What makes the referral program unique?

The main advantage of the code is that anyone who uses that promo code to buy a new OnePlus device will get a $20 credit to spend on accessories. The person who shared the referral link gets a credit to use toward accessories as well.

“No more than 30 days later, we’ll drop 100 referral points in your referral hub,” the blog post read.

The referral points can be used for discounts on almost anything, including accessories, smartphones and some free gear like the OnePlus Travel Messenger Bag and “Never Settle” T-shirts. In addition, the points can also be redeemed to save money on shipping. The rewards will be expanded to include discounts on phone purchases in the future.

“Well, that referral hub we mentioned earlier is constantly going to be updated with new stuff to get. Whether it be a cool accessory, a discount on a new phone, or exclusive OnePlus gear, the hub will always be chock-full of great free items for you to grab,” the company says.

OnePlus’ referral program may not be as good as those offered by ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber for new riders, but it is still attractive, notes BGR. One good thing is that it guarantees at least a free case to users when they buy their new OnePlus 5.

The Chinese company also started a new contest called “The Lab: Shot on OnePlus Edition.” The contest gives you a chance to get some hands-on time with the upcoming OnePlus 5.

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