The REAL Value Of Bitcoin: Blockchain

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The video above explains the true value behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies — Blockchain.

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The type of mania we’re seeing in Bitcoin is reminiscent of the 99’ tech bubble. They’re similar in that we have a majority of investors that have no clue about what they’re really investing in.

The strategy in 99’ was to throw your money into anything .com related. Nowadays it’s throw your money in anything crypto related.

Talk to anyone about Bitcoin and they’ll tell you it’s the future. But do they know why? Nope!

In reality Bitcoin doesn’t matter. Nor does Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc. They are all replaceable. We have no idea which cryptocurrency will survive — if any. But what will survive is Blockchain — the tech that powers them all.

If you’re a trader, the cryptocurrency markets are fantastic. The volatility and pure mania is perfect to take advantage off. And because it’s a new market, simple technical patterns work pretty well. (Most “investors” in this market are not even familiar with those techniques. They only know how to HODL.)

But trading is short-term. If you’re looking to invest for the long-term, then you need to invest in companies working with Blockchain technology.

In the video above you’ll learn:


  • Why the specific cryptocurrency doesn’t matter while Blockchain does
  • What Blockchain is and why it’s valuable
  • How Blockchain provides a new level of security to the market
  • Various ways Blockchain can be utilized


Make sure to watch this video to learn about all about Blockchain and why it’s so valuable.

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