Razer iPhone Game Controller Photos Leaked Online

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iPhone users will soon have access to another game controller. Evleaks recently shared a series of images of the Razer Kazuyo, a wraparound accessory that transforms the iPhone into a powerhouse gaming device.

Apple iPhone game controller specs

Not surprisingly, the new gadget looks similar to other iPhone game controllers from Mogi and Logitech. This device features four action buttons located on the right and an arrow button on the left. The phone can also be tilted for better view of action. Apple Insider added, “Unlike Logitech’s offering, however, the “tray” in which an iPhone would be seated on the Kazuyo is capable of tilting away from the rest of the device at what appears to be a 45-degree angle. The unit is also shown packing a front-facing speaker and rear cutouts for the iPhone’s camera and flash.”

Razer is a tech brand that manufactures accessories, gaming tablets, mice, keyboards, and laptops.

Typo Keyboard Case is another iPhone gadget

Another notable iPhone accessory is the Typo Keyboard Case. This device was actually created by entertainment mogul/American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and it’s a 14-centimeter long iPhone case with a hardware keyboard. It actually connects to the phone with Bluetooth. The company also reports users can type 50% faster with this handy device. Apple Insider added, “The keyboard is backlit and, perhaps in an indication of who Typo believes their target market is, sports a quick-access feature for entering currency symbols. Typo also contains its own autocorrect algorithm and, when installed, adds 0.25-inches in thickness and 0.75-inches in length to the iPhone. Typo is now accepting preorders for the case, which costs $99, and expects to debut the product at CES 2014 with shipping around the same time.”

These two impressive new accessories show that the iPhone and iPhone-related gifts will be a huge hit this holiday season.

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