Ray Dalio Talks Fed Rate Hike With Tom Keene

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Tom Keene and Mike McKee talk to Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio about the U.S. economy, the future of China and the volatility of the stock market. The interview airs at 6 PM to 7 PM EST on Wednesday September 16th on Bloomberg.

We know that Ray Dalio is opposed to the Fed raising rates and we also know that the street is very uncertain about whether the Fed will raise rates, with it being anyone (besides maybe Citadel)'s guess - so this interview will be extra intriguing. In fact, Dalio has argued that not only should the Fed not raise rates, but that the Fed should ease further with another round of quantitative easing. Some cynics believe that Dalio is more interested in the Fed keeping the bond market strong and less interested in what will help the economy. However, there is no way to prove whether that is true or false.

Some may argue that too much time has been wasted contemplating what the Fed will do - and we would tend to agree with that, but now that D-Day is tomorrow we might as well listen to what the largest hedge fund manager has to say about the topic. We also expect Ray Dalio to talk about risk parity, which has come under fire after recent market volatility - Lee Cooperman blamed risk parity, quants and traders for Omega Advisors' poor performance in the turmoil of August. so overall, it should be an interview well worth listening to!

See our notes below and view the audio live.

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