Rapper Kodak Black Throws $100,000 Cash Into Ocean: “I’m Living off Bitcoin From Now On.”

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Floridan hip-hop icon Kodak Black recently has gone viral for his antics once more, after posting a video on his Instagram story showing him throw what he claims is $100,000 in cash into ocean standing on his boat.


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Kodak Black Dropping Cash For Bitcoin

“Fuck the US Dollar, I’m switching to Bitcoin, George Washington racist and bogus as hell anyway.” Mr. Kodak Black said, “Bitcoin is the future, I own 310 Bitcoins, my Son who is 11 own 10, that’s generational wealth, that passive income.” Black added.

“Why the fuck am I gonna carry paper monies the government prints when I can get Bitcoin and not pay tax? A lot of y’all don’t understand this, taxes are for poor people. Just buy some Bitcoins and don’t report y’alls earnings.” Black added

Many fans argued online if Kodak encouraging his fans to commit tax fraud or the throwing of $100,000 into the ocean was outrageous. Some local supporters have come to the support of Kodak, one fan named ‘haitianboysnipergang19’ said “Man kodak too real, them turtles need money so they stop chokin on that damn plastic.”

Bitcoin is up 2% on the daily chart since Kodak Black has began his testament.

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Disclaimer: This is a satirical article.