Rahul Saraogi at VIC: Value Investing in India

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Rahul Saraogi, Atyant Capital (India) is speaking on the topic of  ‘They came, they saw, they hesitated. Making sense of the India’. Rahul is the next speaker at the 9th Annual Value Investing Congress.

Rahul Saraogi at VIC: Value Investing in India

Rahul Saraogi is an MD at Atyant Capital and manages the Atyant Capital India Fund. In the last 13 years he’s managed money exclusively in the Indian markets. The firm tries to find the best 10-15 investment ideas from among the thousands of publicly-traded Indian corporations. Rahul Saraogi’s value-based investment philosophy places special emphasis on companies with a shareholder friendly management.

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Rahul Saraogi live coverage

Sentiment is India is pretty low at this point.  Domestically citizens are not very hopeful, thus investors do not feel good about India either

India got too worried about inflation and they have made many policy mistakes.  Error in tightening.

(3:00pm EST) Ptching long NMDC on the Indian exchange


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