Qualcomm Teases SmartWatch Event On Sept. 10

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Qualcomm is known for making high-end chipsets that are present on various devices, including some of the most powerful flagships on the market. It’s not working on smartwatches but the company excels at making chips for almost all smartwatches. Various Wear OS devices are already running with the aging Snapdragon Wear 2100, which is over two years old. Hopefully, the company will finally launch the new chipset at the Qualcomm SmartWatch event that will take place on Sept. 10, according to a new poster (Via Android Police.)

However, other than a poster that has a watch drawing in it and texts “It’s time,” and “9.10 set your watches,” there is nothing revealed about what this event could possibly be about. The company invited the press to attend the event, but nothing else has been known. Nevertheless, we strongly believe that a new system-on-a-chip (SoC) will be announced, because new watches just keep coming. Newer watches running updated software could be too much for the aging chip.

Hope for the new chip is backed up by the fact that just a little more than a month ago, Qualcomm released the Wear 2500, which can be found on children’s wearables, at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai. The new chip was featured for 4G connected childrens’ watches and features a robust design that allows extended battery life, an integrated sensor hub and allows you to track the location without using too much power. The chip also has support for the Android system, optimized for children.

The old rumors from WinFuture and Android Police suggest that the new wearable SoC would come in the fall, dubbed Wear 3100, and would be accompanied by Google’s Pixel-branded watch. The Sept. 10 date perfectly fits that rumor. According to Android Police, the current Wear 2100 was already slightly behind when it initially came out. That said, the newer chip would improve general performance and improve battery life for the upcoming smartwatches.

We are looking forward to the Qualcomm SmartWatch event on Sept. 10 and hopefully, the time goes by fast.

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