PS5 Release: Michael Pachter Thinks It’s 2019 And Not 2018

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Major gaming console makers have launched or at least announced plans to launch a new console this year, be it the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One X, or the SNES Classic. However, one big console maker is still quiet on its plans; Sony hasn’t said much about the PS5 release. Though the Japanese game maker has confirmed that it is working on its next console, there is still suspense on its release year.

Sony has a good plan for the PS5 release

Last month, PlayStation’s America boss Shawn Layden confirmed the development of Sony’s next-gen console, the PlayStation 5. However, he shared no further details, including its release timing. Though there are speculations that the console will come next year, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter believes it could come in 2019. Further, Pachter believes that the PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4 Pro games.

The analyst told GamingBolt that he expects a “2019 or 2020 [release] but probably 2019.” Explaining the reason behind the 2019 launch, Pachter said he believes the company is timing the release to match the debut of its 4K-capable device, “when the 4K TV market reaches 50% in the USA and 35% in the rest of the world. I think Sony has probably got the next console cycle nailed down already. I think, they already know what they got to do.”

It is widely believed that the PlayStation 5 will come with improved internal components, but what those improvements will be is a mystery for now. However, according to Segment Next, a discrete graphics processing unit (GPU) will replace the accelerated processing unit seen in the recent PlayStation releases. The GPU will reportedly offer better graphical performance, but it may consume more power. The PS5 is also expected to offer improved virtual reality capabilities, maybe via a new wireless VR headset.

PS5 release in 2018 or 2019?

Industry expert Damian Thong told The Wall Street Journal previously that the console will arrive during the second half of 2018. Thong correctly predicted the launch months for the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. However, though Thong has a good track record when it comes to PlayStation predictions, there are good chances (apart from the 4K explanation that Pachter gave) that Sony will launch the next console sooner, and there are reasons to back it up.

One reason is because the company just launched the Pro version of the PS4 in November 2016, and even the PS4 is only about four years old. The PS3 was seven years old when the PlayStation 4 replaced it. Another big reason is the strong sales of the PS4. Recently, the company announced that it has now sold over 50 million units of the console, which was launched in 2013.

Though Microsoft does not reveal sales figures for the Xbox One, SuperData Research claims that the company had sold about 26 million units as of January. So this suggests that the PS4 is still much more popular than its main rival. It also appears that the Japanese company has no plans to retire it and could be targeting the 100 million unit mark, notes DailyStar.

“Well, like I tell my sales guys, the first 60 million is the easy 60 million. To get to [100 million], it’s about how do we grow the pie?” Layden told The Daily Telegraph.

The executive added that console-exclusive games like Spider-Man will help the company hit the 100 million unit milestone.

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