PS4 Slim vs Xbox One S: What To Choose And Why?

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To make things easy we will have to break things down for you in a really neat fashion rolling over the sections that matter for a gaming console. We know some of you just have a few things you will ever need to consider and in as much as you have a clear winner in that aspect you are good to go and hence you can use the boldly titled subsection header to read what matters most to you and which will be the best for upcoming sales on Amazon.

PS4 Slim vs Xbox One S – Design

In terms of the aesthetics, one who loves being in total control of things or prefers to save up space will want to go for the PS4 Slim vs Xbox One S. This is because the console and Gamepad for the PS4 are much more compact than what Sony offers in the Xbox. This compact design will give help the pad fit more firmly in your hands and the slight inward steep of the game buttons will most likely give room for some comfortable gaming. Besides the black color of the PS4 will make it blend with most other hardware and chances are it won’t be the first thing people will notice once they come in your room.

On the other hand, the Xbox S is somewhat bigger and if you are like my buddy Jude, you will want to buy a console that shouts “I’m here”, “Pick me up” Due to its beautiful design and good use of bright colors on the gamepad buttons, it’s highly unlikely to not notice. I would say the design of the Xbox gives room for a more relaxed and casual gamer.


Nothing says freedom like being able to easily upgrade storage space. Even though the Xbox One S has options up to 2TB storage, there is not an option to upgrade to a bigger storage however, the PS4 Slim from Microsoft not only allows you to upgrade storage but better still allows you to do so pretty easily and without stress.

The good thing though is that you can always add more temporary storage with your external hard drive but that’s one thing I am not fond of.

Processing Power

The Xbox One S is .1 GHz faster than the PS4 Slim and while this doesn’t represent much since they both use custom made 8-core AMD processors, the big deal is with the GPU. The PS4 Slim beats the Xbox One S hands down with a whopping .44 teraflop.

If you want sheer power, you definitely want the PS4.


With the two consoles are at 8GB of RAM, I am slightly disappointed with Xbox for giving Microsoft’s PlayStation the obvious lead in terms of RAM technology. Microsoft opted for the GDDR5 technology that much more built for the complexity of Gaming consoles while Sony gives us a DDR3 variety.

PS4 Slim vs Xbox One S


Sony wins on this one because the Xbox One S comes with an IR blaster in the front, an HDMI 2.0 connection which is optimised for 4k videos, HDMI in from your Cable TV provider, two USB 3.0 super speed connections, IR out, LAN cable and the optical audio port.

Playstation just offers a standard issue in terms of connectivity with a LAN, an HDMI and an auxiliary port with no optical audio port option.


While the Xbox One S gives room for awesome graphics, the devs are not making the most of this and chances are if I am buying an Xbox One, it’ll stay with me a little longer before I consider upgrading most especially as I will want to enjoy some of the features that the devs are not making use of.

If you are considering an upgrade anytime soon, you should opt for the PS4 as you’re more likely to get more features plus increased graphics experience with the next generation of PS4 consoles.


While I can’t categorically state that you should choose one over the other, I believe that I have made deciding what to but a lot easier with how I did make this post concise and easy to understand.

If however, you read every single word in my post, you will notice that I am somewhat sentimental towards the PS4 and that’s because I am a Microsoft fan. However, I have been as honest as possible in my post and trust you can make the best decision by looking at things from your very own unique perspective.

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