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PS4 Controller’s Leaked Images Surface On The Web

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Gaming console enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the next generation of Sony’s PlayStation, and amidst of all the rumors related to PS4, we’ve got a leaked photo of the PlayStation 4 Controller.

PS4 Controller's Leaked Images Surface On The Web

A new controller for PlayStation 4 has been rumored for several months now, and most people think this new controller would feature the most significant redesign since the PlayStation 1 era.

According to the rumors, the controller will feature a touchpad similar to the one on the back of the PS Vita or at least some sort of touchscreen display integrated in the controller.

If we closely look at the above image, it seems there’s a small touchscreen, but it’s hard to imagine how useful it would be. This photo was first posted on Destructoid, and as per the site, multiple sources have confirmed that the photo is real but it could be just an early prototype. Also, the function of the strange blue light at the top is unknown. There’s no word on how much the final design might differ from the prototype.

While other console makers reinvent the joypad with each new generation, Sony has mostly stuck with the same design featured on the original PlayStation. The PlayStation 2 saw dual-shock implementation, while the only change Sony made with the PlayStation 3 was wirelessness.

Next week, everything will become clearer as the Japanese company might really unveil the PlayStation 4, and leave all the rumors to dust. We’ll keep you informed about Sony’s PlayStation event to held next Wednesday at the New York City. Till then, stay tuned!

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