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PS4 and Xbox One Gaming Christmas deals and Offers Guide

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It’s nearly that time of year when you spend more time with your family than you’re comfortable with. And fingers crossed, you manage to buy the right gift and put a smile on the faces of those you care about. So, if you’ve got gamers in the family, here’s a selection of PS4 and Xbox One Gaming Christmas deals from the USA.

xbox ps4 gaming christmas deals

The best PS4 and Xbox One Gaming Christmas Deals

Now to make this article work, we’ve divided the deals by console. Meaning that if you want a PS4, PS4 Pro, or games, they are all together. And the same method has been used for Xbox One S hardware, bundles, games, and accessories.

PS4 Gaming Christmas deals

Do you want the ultimate accessory for your PS4 or PS4 Pro? If the answer is yes, then the PSVR, Sony’s virtual reality headset is a must. Easy to setup and featuring a quality OLED display, you or the giftee will be bowled over by PSVR.

Right now you can get your hands on great gaming Christmas deals for this device over at Amazon.

Alternatively, if you want to get your hands on the PS4 Slim, Walmart has a console bundle available. Right now you can get the 500GB machine with Uncharted 4 and save $30.96. Meaning that you can get this for $269.96.

PS4 Pro
Image Source: Sony

Next, up we have the all new PS4 Pro with a 1TB hard drive. You can pick up Sony’s mid-generation upgrade from Target or Best Buy for the same price $399.99.

Games on Offer

  • Best Buy: Final Fantasy 15 $59.99. You can save 15% with the code GAME.
  • Best Buy: Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition $79.99, save 15% when using the code GAME.
  • GameStop: Battlefield 1 $59.99, $49.49 pre-owned.
  • GameStop: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, $59.99, $49.49 pre-owned.

Xbox One Gaming Christmas deals

While we have to wait until this time next year for Xbox Project Scorpio, there’s still the Xbox One S. And we’ve discovered some great gaming Christmas deals if you’re looking for hardware, games, and accessories.

xbox one s bundle gaming christmas deals

The Xbox One is a stepping stone between the first Xbox One and the Scorpio. Right now you can get this console in a bundle with Battlefield 1, and 1TB of storage. Also, it is available with Gear of War 4 and the same amount of storage for $299.00 from Amazon.

How about the original Xbox One? Here we have a 1TB console being referred to as the “Blast from the Past System”. This bundle comes with Assassins Creed Unity, and the first Watch Dogs game. It was $312.99, but right now you can get it for $249.99 at GameStop.

south park-game and rc bike gaming christmas deals

Next, up we have this Xbox One game and RC Coon mobile bundle. It is the collector’s edition of the South Park RPG, plus you get a radio-controlled toy. So, it could be two gifts in one! Now this is an Amazon exclusive and costs $189.99 or $151.99 if you’re a Prime Member.

Games on Offer

  • Target: NBA 2K17 15 $59.99. You can save 15% with the code GAME.
  • Target: Watch Dogs 2 $59.99, save 15% when using the code GAME.
  • GameStop: Final Fantasy 15 $59.99, $49.49 pre-owned.
  • GameStop: Destiny the Collection, was $59.99 now $49.99.

And there you have a few different gaming Christmas deal for the PS4 and Xbox One. We hope you found this article useful, however, we will continue to search for great deals. So please check back from time to time.

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