Microsoft Exec Says Project Scorpio To Get VR-Exclusive Titles

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At the Gamescom 2016, Microsoft signaled that its next year’s Project Scorpio could mark the beginning of the end of console generations. Xbox chief Phil Spencer had said at the E3 event that all the titles and accessories will support all versions of the Xbox One, including Project Scorpio. His statement caused some confusion because the Project Scorpio was supposed to support a virtual reality headset. And there will be VR-exclusive titles that will work only with Scorpio.

Why VR titles will be exclusive to the Project Scorpio

In an interview with Engadget, the Xbox chief marketing officer Aaron Greenberg said what Phil Spencer really meant at E3 was that all the games and accessories that work on the Xbox One and One S will work on Project Scorpio. The VR titles will be exclusive to the Project Scorpio simply because the current hardware doesn’t support virtual reality headsets.

Greenberg told Engadget that Microsoft will not bring “console-exclusive games” for Project Scorpio. The software giant doesn’t think of high-fidelity VR as console gaming. The Project Scorpio games will be designed to take advantage of its 4K resolution and six teraflops of power, but they (the non-VR ones) will also work on the original Xbox One. Microsoft doesn’t want anyone to be left behind.

Project Scorpio to be a long-lasting hardware

What sets Project Scorpio apart from the other Xbox One consoles is that it will be far more powerful because it will be designed to handle high-fidelity VR gaming. Greenberg believes that the future of gaming is not with the console generations. Instead, Microsoft is focusing on building a community, a library of games, and the ability to “iterate with the hardware. His statement indicates that the Scorpio will be hardware upgradable. Microsoft could make the Project Scorpio a long-lasting hardware instead of releasing a new generation every few years.

The Xbox Project Scorpio is expected to go on sale in the fall of 2017.

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