Project Fi: Google Inc Unveils New Wireless Service

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The tech giant will now provide a mobile phone service, perfect for those who are fed up with traditional wireless service providers. Project Fi’s arrival has been rumored for a while, and Sundar Pichai pretty much gave the game away at Mobile World Congress, but now it’s official. Google will avoid building its own network of cell towers and repeaters by using the combined coverage of Sprint and T-Mobile, as well as millions of WiFi hotspots.

Improving connections by forming network of networks

The aim is to make the fastest, most seamless mobile service possible, and Project Fi will fill in the gaps which still exist in our mobile lives. For example, phone calls will be routed through whichever network is strongest in the particular area where you are, to improve call quality. You are not just restricted to using your cellphone either. Every device which has Google Hangouts connectivity can be used to check voicemail and send text messages.

Google says that for now Project Fi only works with the Nexus 6, making use of a unique SIM card in order to access multiple networks. The primary goal of Project Fi is to get high-quality, seamless connections across networks and devices through a simple process. To that end the pricing plans are as uncomplicated as possible.

Invite only, for now

The Project Fi $20 per month package gives users unlimited domestic calls and texts, unlimited international texts, international calls for $0.20 per minute, WiFi tethering and coverage in over 120 countries around the world.

1 GB of data per month will cost $10, but Google claims that Project Fi users will only pay for the data they use. For example, if you don’t use 0.6 GB of data, Google will credit your account with $6 in cash, which means that the company is effectively charging $1 per 100 MB of data.

At the minute, Google’s Project Fi is invite only. Interested parties can enter their information on the Project Fi website and hope to be given an invitation. Project Fi could lead to a revolution in mobile connectivity, but the major drawback is that only Nexus 6 users can sign up.

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