Google Gives New Name To Glass, Poaches Expert From Amazon

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Google is working on a new project called Aura, which is nothing but a new name for the firm’s wearable technology effort we know as Google Glass. The company has hired several consumer electronics experts from Amazon’s secretive Lab 126 to give a big start to the new group.

Reviving Glass with Project Aura

It appears that Project Aura was started by the company in June with an intention of reviving its troubled Glass eyeglasses and pushing efforts for the development of related wearable technology, says a report from Business Insider. At the same time, it will open the door to a broader scope of wearable technology initiatives to help Google better prepare to compete with the rivals that include Facebook, Apple and Microsoft.

Project Aura has been defined as “Google Glass and Beyond” on several profiles on LinkedIn and also in job listings that were viewed by Business Insider. Google has hired three employees from Amazon’s secretive hardware division, Lab 126, to work in the new group. A dedicated recruiter has been assigned to Aura to bring more talent into the group.

Google Glass was a huge failure, and it desperately needed re-branding, which will be provided by the new Aura group. Sales of the initial $1,500 version of Glass were stopped by the company earlier this year, owing to waning consumer interest and constant criticisms with regards to its price and size.

Staying under Google will help more

Project Aura will not be a standalone company under Alphabet and won’t be folded into the smart appliances business of the company called Nest. Rather, it will remain within Google, says Business Insider, citing sources familiar with the matter. Tony Fadell, CEO of Nest, will keep a watchful eye on the project, the report said, adding that it is not clear for now what will happen once Nest becomes a separate Alphabet company.

Remaining within Google will be beneficial for the Aura group as it will help it to collaborate more closely with other advanced technology efforts being made by the company. Soli is one such effort that makes it possible for the users to control their gadgets through gestures such as the rubbing together of fingers. Virtual reality is at the focus of several companies within the technology industry, but whether or not Aura will focus on VR is not known for now.

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