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You may have never heard of Progressive Web Apps but that is likely about to change very soon – here is why

In the modern day – there’s no denying the that mobile is the undisputed champ of the digital landscape. With the lion’s share of traffic tipping further onto the side of mobile year on year, there’s no wonder that businesses are shifting their strategy to focus on the portable platform.

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Within the world of mobile, two primary parties reign supreme: the mobile web, and the mobile app. The mobile web represents the world wide web as a whole, optimised for mobile devices. Mobile websites and responsively designed sites reside within here and are easily accessible via mobile browsers - with the discoverability of search engines. Whilst mobile web is arguably the easier accessed facet of mobile - apps have got one, big thing in their arsenal - unrivalled user experience.

Or at least, until recently. Progressive Web Apps are an emerging technology which fuses the accessibility of the mobile web with the superior user experience of mobile apps, and experts are considering it to be the next big thing for mobile.

Remember when responsive design was first coming into the mainstream? Almost every website opted to adopt this new principle, and Google backed it heavily with their mobilegeddon algorithm update.

Progressive Web Apps look to be the next wave. Google is fully behind the PWA project, frequently blogging around the benefits of Progressive Web Apps, with a ton of fantastic case studies that show how they can benefit businesses. Whilst these are awesome, we wanted to compile everything into one easily digested infographic that can be shared around - spreading the message. Check it out below. If you're strapped for time, here are a few key takeaways about what PWAs have done for some businesses:

  • +68% increase in mobile traffic
  • 15 x faster to load and install
  • 25X less device storage required
  • 52% average increase in conversions
  • Sessions are on average increased by 78.25%
  • Engagement is often increased by 137%
  • The average load time for a page is 2.75 seconds
  • Compared to mobile website’s, bounce rate is reduced by a phenomenal 42.86%
  • On average, page views increased by a staggering 133.67%!

You're probably sick of my rambling by now. Let's let the stats do the talking:

Progressive Web App Infographic  Progressive Web Apps

This infographic is powered by AppInstitute


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