Why You Should Wait To Download Prisma Official App For Android

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UPDATE: Download Official Prisma App For Android From Google Play Store – The official Prisma App URL is available HERE.

Earlier this week I wrote about how the popular iOS app Prisma would soon be available for Android users. Although initially those of you who visited the Prisma developer’s website and signed up for the newsletter were able to get your hands on the Prisma Beta for Android, there have been problems. As a result, the beta APK is no longer available.

Why the fuss?

Prisma is being called a revolutionary photo editing app because it allows users to edit images in different art styles to give them the look of a painting or a sketch by like Picasso, Leviton, etc. This itself is nothing new, but Prisma is really good at doing this, and it has many different art styles to choose from.

What went wrong?

If we go back to Tuesday when I first wrote about the upcoming availability of Prisma for Android, I was excited and quickly signed up for the newsletter and awaited my invite to download the beta version of the app. Since then, I have been able to download the APK and install it.

However, some users are reporting that the Prisma Beta is useless and all they see is a black screen when attempting to edit an image.

Prisma Android Beta Problems

As for what the actual problems are that led up to the black screen issue, many people are saying that Prisma is having a problem saving photos that are created after a filter is used. In addition, it seems that if you do not share an image or photo via social media or other means, you will lose it.

Another problem with the Prisma beta for Android has been that it is really slow. Rather than taking other people’s word for this, I decided to test it out for myself, and the fastest time I was able to edit an image in was around one minute. However, there were some images which took what felt like an eternity to edit, so I eventually gave up trying.

Excitement is over for now

If you’re an iOS fan, you could probably be forgiven for laughing at what seems like the misfortune of Android users. Especially when it had become clear that many in the Android community were publically voicing their pleasure at being able to get their hands on the Android(beta) version of the Prisma. Only for it to stop working so quickly.

As for solutions to these problems, some developers and Android experts have suggested that the app should be uninstalled and reinstalled, and this could allow it to be used in its full glory. However, it turned out that the issues were just too great, with many users facing the black screen problem.

In another test of the app, I tried to see if I could make it actually crash, but the only error I could surface from the beta was when I would select a filter. This would bring up the error:”Thank you for trying the beta. Please, wait for the official release,”

The final word

Just 24 hours after its developers announced the launch of the Prisma App Beta for Android, they were announcing on Facebook that it would no longer be available. They also said that users should be patient and await the official release of the app for Android later this month. Personally, I think they should have been more open about the possible shortcomings of the beta they were releasing.

Prisma Developer Announcement
Image Source: Prisma.AI-Facebook

Did you manage to get your hands on the Prisma beta for Android? If you did, did you manage to create / edit anything? Also let us know if you experienced any issues while using the app, other that those mentioned above.

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