Prisma For Android Now Lets You Save Photos To Phone Gallery

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Just hours after the insanely popular Prisma app for Android debuted on the Google Play Store, it has received its first update. The app that turns your photos into paintings now allows users to save photos directly to the gallery. With the first update, the developers have added a “save” button on the left of the Instagram share button. Previously, it would export images to another app through Android share intents.

The update also brings bug fixes

According to Android Central, all you have to do is tap the “save” button on the left of the Instagram share icon. It saves the photo to the Prisma folder of your phone’s internal storage. However, the photo editing app still does not support incoming Android share intents. It means the only way to load a picture into Prisma is to open the app and navigate to the photo of your choice.

The developers have also fixed a few bugs in the app. The free app requires about 7MB of storage space, and is compatible with Android 4.1 KitKat and later versions. The Prisma app has been topping the charts due to its ease of use and ability to transform your photos into fine art inspired by famous artists like Picasso. You have to simply click an image and chose the filters you want to apply.

Prisma has several new features in the pipeline

Prisma is different from most other photo editing apps. Instead of applying an effect on your photo, it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create a complete image from scratch. The developers are planning to add many other features such as 360-degrees Prisma images and the Prisma Video. They also plan to introduce different “styles” that will transform your real-life photos into digital arts.

Recent reports suggest that Prisma is in talks with investors to raise funding. There are also speculations that it could become an acquisition target. Facebook (which owns Instagram), Twitter or Snapchat might be interested in buying Prisma.

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