PowerPoint Shortcuts Investment Banking: Quick Tips

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PowerPoint Shortcuts Investment Banking: Quick Tips
Published on Feb 23, 2016
In this tutorial, you’ll get a quick but very powerful tip on how to optimize your PowerPoint setup and how to use the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) and custom shortcuts to save a ton of time when creating pitch books, presentations, stock pitches, and more.


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PowerPoint Shortcuts Investment Banking Shortcuts Introduced:

These are all BUILT-IN shortcuts:

Alt, T, O: Options Menu

Alt, H, G, A, L: Align Left

Alt, H, G, A, T: Align Top

Alt, H, FC: Font Color

Shift + Left Click: Select Multiple Shapes

Alt, H, G, A, V: Distribute Vertically

Alt, H, G, A, H: Distribute Horizontally

Alt, H, G, R: Bring to Front

Ctrl + G: Group Shapes

These are the NEW shortcuts you can create via the Quick Access Toolbar:

Alt, 1, L: Align Left

Alt, 1, T: Align Top

Alt, 1: Alignment Commands

Alt, 2: Font Color

Alt, 1, L: Align Left

Alt, 1, V: Distribute Vertically

Alt, 1, H: Distribute Horizontally

Alt, 6, R: Bring to Front

PowerPoint Shortcuts Investment Banking  Lesson Outline:

Many PowerPoint shortcuts that you use repeatedly when creating presentations are actually cumbersome to enter.

Something as simple as left alignment takes 5 keystrokes – Alt, H, G, A, L – if you use the built-in method for it.

Other common commands such as distribution, font color changes, shape fill, shape outline, and shape insertion also take 3-4 keystrokes.

A more efficient alternative is to set up the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) so that you can access the most common commands with shortcuts like Alt, 1; Alt, 2; Alt, 3; and so on instead.

You can either import our file (see the link below under RESOURCES) or go to the Options menu (Alt, T, O) and then the Quick Access Toolbar tab, and create the menu yourself.

We recommend setting “Align Objects” in position #1, followed by Font Color, Shape Fill, Change Outline Color, More Options, Arrange, and Font Size.

Then, you can add the Rectangle command, Draw Horizontal Text Box, Shapes, Straight Connector, and Merge Shapes.
These are some of the most frequently used commands in PowerPoint, and you’ll save a ton of time with the new, shorter versions.

A command like Align that used to take 5 keystrokes now takes only 3 (Alt, 1, L/R/T/B) with this approach; even a command like Font Color that took 4 keystrokes before now takes only 2 (Alt, 2).

You might see anywhere from 30% to 50% time savings when creating slides and manipulating text and objects if you set up these shortcuts properly. They’re especially useful on crowded slides with a lot of objects when you need to align and distribute shapes.

PowerPoint Shortcuts Investment Banking RESOURCES:



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