Power Users May Not Like Apple’s New MacBook Pro

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Apple disclosed three new MacBook Pro models last week. Two of the unveiled models featured a new Touch Bar, a customizable touch screen strip in place of the old function keys. In line with its “Pro” line, the iPhone maker demonstrated tasks of creative professionals, such as music remixing and Photoshop. However, power users gave the product a thumbs down.

Why power users may not like the MacBook Pro

Apple’s revamped computer will not ship for at least two weeks, as many things have to be tested. Additionally, based on the predictions of reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, more powerful and lower-priced versions may come as soon as next year. Professional tasks like DJing and photo editing may not be as simple as the tech giant makes them out to be. This makes users who were patiently waiting for an upgrade not very happy, says NBC News.

Apple’s new MacBook Pro requires users to look down constantly and has a limited number of USB-C ports, says Trent Lapinski, CEO and founder of tech consulting company Mystic Labs. Bram Van Oost, co-founder at development firm Cloudoki, says this means the computer does not have ports like SD card readers that would be used by power users such as photographers. Also it requires a dongle for heavy use and more precise accessories like external displays and mice, said Oost.

The absence of the function keys also hampers the workflow of developers, adds Alexey Semeney, founder and CEO of development platform DevTeam.Space. According to Cody Brown, founder of VR production studio IRL, the laptop’s computing power may not be enough for developers working on virtual reality or 3D graphics.

One more point that may go against the MacBook is that Apple pushed a steep price increase in a world where many creative professionals freelance and have variable paychecks, says NBC News. Still, the computer, which begins at $1,799 including the Touch Bar, is less than the large price of $2,999 for Microsoft’s new Surface Studio.

Apple testing MacBooks with OLED displays

Looking beyond the upcoming MacBook Pro release, Apple is reportedly working on a few more surprises. The iPhone maker is exploring outfitting upcoming MacBooks with OLED display panels, according to ETNews.

This news should not come as a surprise, as the aforementioned Touch Bar is an OLED panel. Also, according to recent reports, the upcoming iPhone 8 will incorporate OLED panels. The tech giant has reportedly started testing MacBook units outfitted with OLED panels, claims a source. But there was no information on when the product would be released.

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