Porsche Reveals More On Mission E, And How Its Better Than Tesla Inc

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Porsche has finally shared more information about its Mission E electric car. The car was first teased in 2015 at the Frankfurt show, and now new details have arrived just days before the Geneva Motor Show. New information on the car details its development, plans for a rapid charging network, and also how it’s better than Tesla.

In a series of internally conducted interviews, Dr. Stefan Weckbach, Porsche head of EV development, confirmed that the decision to manufacture the car was taken back in 2015. At the time, it was touted as an arch-rival to the Tesla Model S. However, Weckbach now revealed how the Mission E is better than the Tesla Model S.

According to Weckbach, reliable and consistent performance is the most important difference between the two. Talking of Tesla’s ludicrous 0-60 times, the executive said that the car would exhibit such a performance “only twice – the third attempt will fail.” However, the Porsche Mission E would offer reproducible performance and top speed, which can be sustained for a longer period, according to CNET. Weckbach was likely referring to the software-based restriction that Tesla lifted after consumer complaints.

Charging is another differentiating factor that Porsche is working on. Porsche previously hinted of 800-Volt electrical architecture for the Mission E to deliver quick charging of up to 250 miles in less than 20 minutes. Now, the luxury car maker has confirmed the 800-volt fast chargers for all the dealerships. Further, the Volkswagen Group and Porsche will work to develop a network of fast charging infrastructure in Europe and the US.

In Europe, the group has already joined hands with other OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to materialize on the plan, but in the US, it will have to venture out solo. The 800V transformation is a pricey affair, and this is the primary reason other car manufacturers stay away from it. Except for the cells, everything else needs to be different, and this pushes the costs up significantly, according to Car And Driver.

“To meet customer expectations, one of our priorities will be to equip our 189 dealerships with 800-volt DC fast-chargers,” Klaus Zellmer, president and CEO, Porsche Cars North America said. Further, the company is working on DC fast chargers for cities and parkways.

“What’s more, this is notwithstanding a great many lower-voltage (Level 2 and DC Fast) charging stations that already exist around the nation,” the executive said. Zellmer also noted that the majority of the EV charging is done at home, since the majority of the Porsche customers probably have a garage at home.

To combine future powertrains with modern detailing, the luxury car maker has a staff of over 1,000 employees. The efforts would help in meeting Mission E buyer’s expectations when it comes to legroom for backseat passengers and recesses built into the battery compartment.

When asked if the company would mimic ICE sound to please buyers who missed a flat-six or V-8, Weckbach said, “Porsche is unlikely to lower itself to gimmicks of this kind or use sound effects.” The executive cleared that sound (if any) that the car will make will add to the “emotional factor” and will be in line with the technology used.

“The entire organization is working towards a single objective: with Mission E, we will offer a completely electric Porsche which is a perfect fit for our image, discovers endorsement with our customers, and legitimately bears the name ‘Porsche,’” the executive said.

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