Pokemon Sun And Moon To Be Released In November

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While the world goes crazy over augmented reality smartphone game Pokemon Go, the company behind the smash hit is working on a mainline RPG series for the Nintendo 3DS.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will launch in September and feature six new Pokemon, according to an official announcement from the Pokemon Company. The announcement gives details of the new creatures and discusses some features of the game, writes Eddie Makuch for Gamespot.

Six new Pokemon in upcoming game

The new Pokemon appear in the promotional video that you can see above, and include various different types. Last week we were introduced to two of the new cast, including Mimikyu which has a disguise ability. The other new arrival seen last week is the strong fighter Bewear.

Here is your run down of the new creatures that will be seen in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

First is the Bug/Water Pokemon known as Wimpod, or the Turn Tail Pokemon. It is a cowardly scavenger known as a cleaner of the sea because it eats and stores any item that is dropped into the water. Wimpod has an ability called Wimp Out, meaning that it will will run away or swap for a different Pokemon if its HP falls below 50% during a battle.

Next up is Bounsweet, a Grass Pokemon that gives off a sweet smell that is calming to humans. As a result many people allow Bounsweet to live with them and freshen up their homes.

Comfey is a Fairy type Pokemon that picks flowers and carries them around. The soothing smell of the flowers helps Comfey treat both people and Pokemon in hospitals and Pokemon Centers.

Some new Pokemon boast special Abilities

Another new arrival is Mudslade, a Ground creature known as the Draft Horse Pokemon. It has great stamina and power, with legs that are covered in a protective layer of mud. Its kick can destroy a car in one fell swoop, and Mudslade has a Stamina ability that boosts its Defense by one point when attacked.

A new Fighting Pokemon is known as Bewear, the Strong Arm Pokemon. It has incredibly strong arms and legs, allowing it to crush anything with a bear hug. Be careful about approaching Bewear in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Perhaps the most intriguing of the new arrivals is Ghost/Fairy Pokemon Mimikyu. The Disguised Pokemon is constantly covered in a cloth, and is able to dodge enemy attacks before changing shape.

In addition to the new creatures, Pokemon Sun and Moon has a few new features. The Pokemon Company says that its Pokemon Global Link service will be updated to work with Sun and Moon, but will no longer work for Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire and X/Y.

The feature will allow players to host and participate in Friendly Competitions, which are split into Online and Live sections.

Online competitions bring players together using the internet, matching with an opponent and facing off against each other to compete for the best rating. These competitions can include players from around the world, or only feature players that are included on a pre-approved list.

On the other hand Live competitions let players join in with other trainers that are in the same space. A system of Digital Player IDs is contained in QR Codes, which are scanned to allow players to join battles according to certain conditions.

Pokemon Sun and Moon to feature Hyper Training

The Pokemon Company also announced a new function known as Hyper Training, which can be used to boost the power of a Pokemon. In previous games you increased the strength of your Pokemon by unlocking new levels, which will apparently still be the case. However the Hyper Training function will even boost the power of Level 100 Pokemon.

“Hyper training is done by Mr. Hyper, a new character who can be found somewhere in the Alola region,” The Pokemon Company said. “By using Bottle Caps, a new item which is obtainable in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, players will be able to carry out Hyper Training on their Pokemon.”

The new game is set to be released on November 18 in the United States and November 23 in the United Kingdom. During E3 2016 it was revealed that the game would include a free-for-all battle mood, while a number of new 3DS models also made an appearance.

Pokemon Sun and Moon could capitalize on the surge of interest in the franchise which as been inspired by the release of Pokemon Go. The game has proven to be so popular that its servers have struggled to keep up with demand, with many players reporting connection problems. It is hard to imagine Pokemon Sun and Moon being quite so popular, but the success of Pokemon Go will certainly not do it any harm.

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