Pokemon Go Not Working On Android Q Beta: What’s Happening?

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Pokemon Go, which launched in 2016, is still one of the most popular games around. The game has been immensely popular worldwide and enjoys a massive fanbase. However, some users, specifically those on the Android Q beta, are unable to enjoy the game. We’ve been seeing a growing number of reports about Pokemon Go not working on the Android Q beta for the past four months.

Those on the Android Q beta complain that Pokemon Go does not even start on their device, or they just get stuck on the loading screen. Android Q is the latest Android version. Last month the company released Android Q Beta 4, but the issue with Pokemon Go not working on the Android Q beta was still not resolved.

Google released the first developer beta on March 13, and since then, those testing the beta version have flagged the issue with Pokemon Go. Many affected users noted that the beta versions are not yet CTS-certified. Pokemon Go uses the SafetyNet Attestation API to verify if users are using modified firmware or not. However, some believe SafetyNet is not an issue here. “

PoGo is known to use more checking than just SafetyNet (such as asking for Storage permissions to check if you had a Magisk folder visible), so it’s more than likely not SafetyNet. That being said, if it fails those ‘integrity’ checks, it usually gives you an explicit message saying ‘hey this phone isn’t supported’ so who knows,” one Reddit user said.

Niantic admitted to the issue of Pokemon Go not working on the Android Q beta in March. However, the developer also said at the time that it can’t guarantee full functionality on Android Q. What’s disappointing is that even after four months, Niantic has still not addressed the issue. Moreover, its response is still the same.

One possible reason why Niantic has not released a fix yet could be because it is waiting for the final Android Q Beta build. Fixing an app on a pre-release with APIs that can change in the final release would result in a waste of time and resources for Niantic, PiunikaWeb notes. Thus, Niantic may be waiting for the stable Android Q version before it issues a fix. Until then affected users have only one option to play their favorite game, and that is to downgrade to Android Pie.

It is not just Pokemon Go that is facing the issue with the beta version. Other Niantic games, such as Harry Potter: Wizards Unite and Ingress are having the same problem. Similar issues with Pokemon Go have been seen with past Android betas as well, for instance, the Oreo beta last year.

Hopefully Niantic will fix the issue soon to ensure that its user base remains intact. One major reason Niantic has been able to keep players interested in the game for years is through frequent events. These events offer rewards to players and encourage them to go out with friends to catch Pokemon.

Niantic only recently concluded an event, the Pokémon GO Fest Global Research Challenge. Now rumors suggest the developer is planning a big event in the future. Popular tipster Chrales recently unearthed a few details about the Team Rocket Pokemon Go event.

Niantic also hinted during Pokemon Go Fest Dortmund and Pokemon Go Fest Chicago that Team Rocket could come to the game soon. Now Chrales seems to have found proof that such an event is in the works. According to a leaked image, Team Rocket will invade Pokestops, and the Pokemon Go Team Go Rocket event will be divided into three parts: Grunt Invasion Introduction, Grunt Invasion Encounter and Grunt Purification.

The next Pokemon Go Community Day is scheduled for July 21. The upcoming event will feature Mudkip, a water-type Pokemon, and will last for three hours. During the event, Mudkip will appear more frequently than normal. If a player is able to evolve this Pokemon into its final form, Swampert, then it will learn a special move. Players will also earn triple the usual amount of experience for capturing Pokemon during the event.

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