Pokemon Go Deal Pushes Nintendo Co., Ltd, SoftBank Group Corp Stock Up

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Pokemon Go’s popularity may be cooling off somewhat, but the game is still able to interest new partners. Game developer Niantic has now gained a partnership with SoftBank Group. With this deal, around 3,700 mobile carrier stores in Japan will be assigned as PokeStops and Gyms within the location-based game, according to Bloomberg.

Deal similar to the McDonald’s one

“With this partnership agreement, SoftBank stores and Y!mobile stores will become PokéStops or Gyms. Pokémon Go collaborative campaigns and services unique to SoftBank will also be considered in the future,” SoftBank said in a press release.

SoftBank’s Pokemon Go deal is similar to the deal McDonald’s Japan struck with the game developer in July, which has boosted the fast food chain’s shares by 24%. Also McDonald’s Japan included Pokemon-related toys with every happy meal. According to McDonald’s Japan, the partnership helped drive more customers to its restaurants, according to Bloomberg.

However, this new alliance with SoftBank should be viewed with caution, considering that McDonald’s shares have lost the gain they made, according to Bloomberg. According to research firm Apptopia, after hitting  45 million daily users, the game has dropped to 30 million.

Following the announcement, Nintendo shares bounced 3.3% to their highest level in two weeks, while SoftBank’s stock climbed 1.6%.

Pokemon Go helps prevent a robbery

In other Pokemon Go news, fans of the game in Napier, New Zealand caught a real thief after hearing a car alarm soon after the thief broke into the car on Wednesday night. They caught and held him until the police arrived, according to Reuters. In a statement, police referred to an online tool used to capture Pokemon that are visible in areas such as temples and other landmarks where people gather. According to police, the alleged thief will face charges of theft.

Pokemon Go has been held responsible for injuries and robberies to distracted players in some countries, provoking concerned authorities to warn gamers to play cautiously.

Recently Pokemon Go’s next big feature was discovered. According to data mined from the game, a buddy system has been found to be coded into the game, but it’s not active yet. The feature will allow a player to select a Pokemon that will walk with their avatar, helping then earn Pokemon candies in the process.

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