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Users of Pokemon Go++ will be happy to hear that the popular Pokemon Go hack has been updated to include the latest features that Niantic released with the new Android and iOS builds. Finally Pokemon Go++ users can enjoy the best features of the modified app as well as the official app.

For the uninitiated, Pokemon Go++ is a Pokemon Go hack that offers additional functionality not included in the official release from Niantic. The hacked app allows you to move throughout the world without ever actually leaving your home. A virtual joystick allows your avatar to move across the map using GPS spoofing. It allows you to visit more gyms, collect items from more PokeStops, and catch more Pokemon. Of course, it also opens up the risk of having your Pokemon Go account banned. If you’re not interested in getting off the couch, and you don’t mind taking on the risks of using Pokemon Go++ then here is how to install the popular Pokemon Go hack:


  1. Download the latest version of Pokemon Go from the Play Store
  2. Download the latest version of Fly GPS from the Play Store
  3. On your device go to “Settings” then go to the “About Device” section. There will be “Build Number” heading. Tap it 7 times to enable developer mode.
  4. Now go “Settings” to “Developer Options” and tap “Mock Location App” then select Fly GPS.
  5. Now go to “Settings” then “Privacy and Safety” then “Location” and then “Location Method.” High accuracy and location history should be turned on.
  6. Finally, launch the Fly GPS app, select “GPS Service Run” and then select “Joystick Location Mode-(Pokemon).”


The instructions for iPhone are much more involved than Android. There is a great article here that you can follow which will walk you through how to get the Pokemon Go hack running on your iPhone.

There you have it. You can have Pokemon Go++ running on your Android or iOS device. Of course, it bears repeating that using this Pokemon Go hack could cause your account to be banned by Niantic. Other, honest Pokemon Go players may also be upset to find that you’re using a hacked app. The best way to enjoy Pokemon Go is probably by getting out and enjoying the world. But, of course, if that doesn’t appeal to you then there are always other options.

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