Pokemon Go Hack Helps Find Every Pokemon

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I’m sure by now, I don’t have to explain to you what Pokemon Go is, right? It is perhaps the most feverishly played and biggest game in the world right now, and by game I mean any game it’s bigger than anything on PC, Xbox or PlayStation. In fact, I would bet a small amount of money, that either you are a player or someone close to you is. Players are quite literally everywhere! it’s getting a little creepy!

Playing Pokemon Go

With the sheer amount of people who play the game, it’s no surprise that some have started to get a little (seriously) competitive with one another. No longer is it the friendly game in which you now and again bump into a fellow player, now it’s about who can get one up and collect the best and rarest Pokemon.

So, if you feel that you need a helping hand playing the game, fortunately, there are a few apps available that take advantage of crowdsourcing. These apps are Poke Radar or Gyms and PokeStops locations, plus maps for Pokemon Go.

More Help Google Maps

If you have tried the above apps, and don’t think they have what it takes to aid you in your quest to become a great Pokemon Trainer. There is a solution, which is based around Google Maps and shows you exactly where every Pokemon you could have ever wish to catch is!

Excited? I bet you are, the possibility of knowing where every Pokemon is so that you can “catch ’em all,” is extremely provocative, so you’re probably wondering how this can be!

How using Google Maps Can Help

To start with the Pokemon Go app is used and data is extracted from it and then somehow (there has been no elaboration) it gets tied in with Google Maps. The developer at the centre of this new Pokemon Go cheat is Ahmed Alumutawa, and his tool can be used find Pokemon, PokeStops and Gyms with almost no work at all!

Pokemon Go Google Maps hack
Image Source: Reddit.com

However, and this comes from someone, who has played the game for as little as two minutes. This new tool sounds like full onboard cheating (Like the Russians and Sport) and I am sure it will take some of the fun away from Pokemon Go is everyone gets their hands on it.

Here is the Catch

To get this working with Google Maps is not as straightforward as downloading an app and syncing the two together. In fact, I had a quick look at the instructions over on Reddit and I thought that they looked a little time intensive. Something that the majority of Pokemon Go players may not deem as worth the time and effort

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